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Unreviewed Restaurants >> Connecticut >> Wandering Moose Cafe (West Cornwall)

Wandering Moose Cafe

***** (2 stars, based on 16 reviews)
421 Sharon Goshen Turnpike, West Cornwall, CT 06796
(860) 672-0178 Find location!

The Wandering Moose Cafe is an American restaurant in West Cornwall, CT, that Boston's Hidden Restaurants has not yet reviewed, but is considered a restaurant of interest by this Web site. Below is a section where our readers can give us their own reviews of the Wandering Moose Cafe.

Sample items on the menu at the Wandering Moose Cafe include beef stroganoff, pan-seared duck, cedar plank salmon, and baby back ribs.

Cuisine: American
Cost: moderately expensive
Location: northwest Connecticut
One Reason to Go: located next to covered bridge

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*****tdm from Sharon, CT, says:
I have to say after living in this area for awhile and knowing the comings and goings of people both full time and tourist alike I have to take full issue with some of these slanderous "reviews". Russ and Sharon Sawicki the owners of the moose are two of the kindest hardest working people i know. (hey don't believe me Google it) The give to the community, their staff and customers. They care a lot, and i know if they did not, they would not be at the Moose for 12 yrs now. I would also have to say that some of the reviews here are lying. For example, Brad Marshal from Kent would have been 12 when he wrote his review. On this site you don't even have to prove you are who you even say you are. Its a shame, the place is a great place
(Posted on 1/19/13)

*****Bob from San Francisco, CA, says:
Haters? No, not the customers. The staff is nasty and the food is just o.k. There are plenty of beautiful locations and plenty of excellent restaurants in those locations, so no excuses. Maybe you should call Robert Irvine!
(Posted on 10/26/12)

*****ldb from Falls Village, CT, says:
what a great breakfast and great time i had at this place great for family get togethers
(Posted on 6/10/12)

*****srj from Sharon, CT, says:
nice place not sure why all the negative, have a great time, my kids had a great meal, great wine list good prices and nice location, not sure why all the hate
(Posted on 3/2/12)

*****Ted from Stamford, CT, says:
Horrendous. Nasty staff, tasteless food. Bargain basement sour cream and salsa. Flies everywhere. If you come up to look at the bridge do NOT eat here.
(Posted on 1/8/11)

*****fya from Torrington, CT, says:
Had a great experience, I would say I was surprised how well the staff dealt with rude customers; one guy treated the owner's wife like she was trash, when it was explained gratuity was added for large parties, even though it was stated.
(Posted on 9/6/10)

*****Brad Marshall from Kent, CT, says:
Terrible food, the owner's wife is absolutely horrible and very very rude. The food took forever to come out and my chicken was cold. Me and everyone else in the restaurant could hear the staff arguing in the kitchen. My wife got the pasta and it was chewy and soggy. After I sent my food back the wife of the owner complained so we just got up and left.
(Posted on 8/1/10)

*****LNW says:
Bummer on everything. Disappointment.
(Posted on 3/8/10)

*****Lee L. '82 from Millbury, MA, says:
What a fantastic dining experience. I don't know what the negative reviews were about. The food was great and the service was even better. Best of all I had the chance to meet the owner who was more than accommodating. I recommend this restaurant to all.
(Posted on 11/14/09)

*****LRS from Sharon, CT, says:
Great Location. Great Coffee, I thought the service was great for how busy it was, better than any chain restaurant. Can be very loud when parents don't control their kids. I went to enjoy myself and instead had to listen to brats screaming, kinda felt bad for the waitress. Don't know how they do it. And Christopher, there was a bathroom for patrons when I went. and I will go back.
(Posted on 8/5/09)

*****Christopher from Avon, CT, says:
Skip it. Cool location but that's it. Terrible food combined with lousy service adds up to don't even bother. Not even a bathroom stop.
(Posted on 7/11/09)

*****JDK from Danbury, CT, says:
Beautiful location. Should be at least decent food.
The service was terrible. Last time our group stops there.
(Posted on 6/1/09)

*****Simon from Nyack, NY, says:
Marginal food, and the rudest service I've ever encountered - and from the owner's wife. I rarely review restaurants but this one was so terrible, I felt compelled.
(Posted on 5/11/09)

*****Kim from Kent, CT, says:
Terrible service, so so food, not worth the effort. Beautiful location but can't make up for the rest.
Skip it.
(Posted on 3/7/09)

*****RMG from Westport, CT, says:
Very grumpy staff.
Not very nice to my kids.
Food was just so/so.
(Posted on 11/14/08)

*****ironfossil from Shelton, CT, says:
Dirty, stinky, nasty. Sick for a week after eating there. Protect your health. Stay away.
(Posted on 11/13/08)

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