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Which Winthrop Restaurant Is Better: Alia or D'Parma?

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Someone I was talking to who lives in Winthrop told me that she likes Alia Ristorante better than D'Parma. She said the pasta at Alia is outstanding. I like D'Parma a lot but have never been to Alia Ristorante. Can anyone chime in on this? Which is the better choice for Italian cuisine in Winthrop? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 9/20/07 by hiddenboston)


Alexa P. wrote:
I like Alia Ristorante way better than D'Parma, too. The food is fantastic and I like Alia's look and vibe too...very comfortable atmosphere.
(Posted on 10/9/07)

Foodlover wrote:
I totally agree that Alia is the better restaurant. The food is incredible and reasonably priced. The cold calamari salad is the best I've ever had.
(Posted on 10/20/07)

kelly76 wrote:
I have to agree with your friend. I ate at Alia's a few times this past month and every dish we had was perfect. And the place is really nice and comfortable too. I have no idea why people even consider waiting in line at D'Parma's when they have a much better option a few feet away.
(Posted on 11/5/07)

Eats123 wrote:
I agree that Alia is way better than D'Parma. I've eaten at both places, and Alia is superior; the food is fantastic and reasonably priced, the atmosphere is amazing, and the service is great. I'd go as far as saying that Alia is the best restaurant in the area! Yum, yum....
(Posted on 11/13/07)

Jeanmarie wrote:
Alia's is the best secret in Winthrop. IT should be the BEST RESTAURANT in Boston. Food is fresh, authentic, great variety, good prices, and the customer service is outstanding. The owners are humble and ready to please. I hope they stay that way, Rosetti's used to be that way, but now that they are busy, the friendly, caring atmosphere has disappeared. D'Parma and Rosetti's WATCH OUT. Kudos to the owners of Alia's....
(Posted on 11/20/07)

Riley wrote:
I'll go as far as to say that Alia and D'Parma aren't even in the same category. Alia is the better restaurant by far. We go there a few times a month and the food is consistently incredible and the place is very comfortable, well decorated too. Service at Alia is always friendly and we never feel rushed no matter how busy they get. My favorites are the chicken saltembocca and the calamari with spicy red sauce - best I've ever had. Alia is worth a trip to Winthrop (we live in Cambridge).
(Posted on 2/20/08)

leiman wrote:
q bueno es dparma.
(Posted on 2/23/08)

Marcella wrote:
The food at Alia is the best. Even the dipping oil (which I think is Moroccan) with olives they give you with the warm bread is out of this world. You can literally taste how fresh every ingredient is and I just love how cozy this place feels. I wish the owner well because he is such a nice guy and makes everyone feel welcome.
(Posted on 2/28/08)

SpaghettiSauce wrote:
Rossetti's is much, much better than D'Parma. Have never been to Alia, but will check it out.
(Posted on 5/1/08)

Dan wrote:
As Riley said, Alia is in another category. The food carefully prepared, the setting comfortable, and a gracious host who understands the meaning of welcoming guests in for a delightful evening. Unique in Winthrop for the food, ambiance, and company. A must try that will become a must return, if not your only choice in Winthrop.
(Posted on 7/3/08)

love food wrote:
D'Parma's has gone way down since Hector spends all his time in his new East Boston restaurant. Food has been horrible lately.
(Posted on 7/18/08)

DMM wrote:
Ah I am all set going into a place where the owner sits out front a lot and smokes with the cook / help / whomever. Who wants to walk through the front before eating smelling cig smoke....very much a turn off to many people I have heard from and I agree!!!
(Posted on 8/22/08)

citygirl78 wrote:
The food and atmosphere at Alia are incredible (the ravioli grekka is to die for). Looks like Alia would be expensive - it's a really pretty place - but is actually a very casual byob bargain! The owners are so friendly I always feel like we're at a dinner party in their home. Even when the place is busy with people waiting in line the food is always delicious and fresh and I never feel rushed. I haven't been back to D'Parma since trying Alia - no comparison, IMO.
(Posted on 8/30/08)

bob wrote:
I agree with the comment about the staff hanging out front smoking - a big turn off.
(Posted on 10/8/08)

MLE wrote:
Alia's is a wonderful place to eat, great atmosphere and great far my favorite place in Winthrop. Service is impeccable and the owner will whip anything up for you...just tell him what you like! Owner is very friendly and knows true customer service...making everyone feel special.
Fresh ingredients, exquisite food, nice cozy must give it a try!
(Posted on 3/8/09)

Luvtoeat wrote:
Alia's food is the best in Winthrop and pretty much elsewhere. That Alia's prices are good, and that its look and staff are great are a bonus.
(Posted on 3/31/09)

MH wrote:
OK, so we finally got to check out Alia, and yes, it was every bit as good as folks are saying here. We tried a number of items, all of which were outstanding. The tortellini soup was about the best I've had anywhere. If you'd like to read our review on it, here it is: Alia Ristorante Review
(Posted on 4/6/09)

Marisa M. wrote:
I'm glad to see people writing such nice things about Alia Ristorante. I agree that Alia is really the best out there. My office orders lunch from there all the time and it is consistently fantastic. Putting aside what a bargain it is, the food is just so good. We love the owner too - a genuine, nice guy who really goes the extra mile. This is the kinda place you want to support. Bravo!
(Posted on 7/13/09)

G.M.S. wrote:
Alia is by far the best, with Rosetti's running a close second.
Alia has a comfortable atmosphere and an extremely accommodating and cheerful owner! You are always warmly greeted by the owner. If you have difficulty choosing from the delicious Mediterranean inspired Italian entrees on his menu, he assures that he will cook ANYTHING you want. If he has the ingredients in the kitchen, he will cook it for you (even if it's not on the menu)! If he does not typically serve something he will still accommodate you if you call and ask a day or so ahead of your visit. The owner's flexibility is especially appreciated since I have a wheat allergy. And, the last time I ate there he was also preparing a special dish for another diner with a different dietary restriction. The food is freshly prepared and all the dishes I have sampled are delicious. Everyone I visit this restaurant with has returned with other friends. Also, you can save money since it's BYOB (if you forget to bring some wine ... the owner may even offer to run across the street to pick up your favorite wine for you)!
Rosetti's is also terrific, they deliver, and they will also gladly cook off the menu to meet food allergy/dietary restrictions. However, Rosetti's is smaller and get's crowded quickly. Although, it's nice to sit at the window and watch the ocean.
(Posted on 1/4/10)

Lid wrote:
I love Alia's! The food is wonderful, the owner is friendly, helpful and will make anything you want if the ingredients are in the kitchen. A great go-to place. Everyone should go and keep going. I love supporting this local charm. The owner's passion deserves it.
(Posted on 1/17/10)

joe wrote:
Alia by far.
The frutti de mare is huge. Clams, PEI mussels, calamari extra please, shrimp and I had this with lobsters I brought in problems, it will be a pleasure was told to me when I walked in with the bag of lobsters...I felt as though I was on the show Iron Chef..he made me the Italian pupu platter. I wish I could describe but it just makes me more hungry just thinking.. The owner is a great man with a great ambition in cooking...5 stars he can compete with any restaurant in the North End or Mass. Best prices I have seen anywhere.
(Posted on 2/1/10)

rt wrote:
I live 25 miles away and will not hesitate to dine at Alia. The food is awesome.
(Posted on 2/19/11)

Helen and Tom wrote:
Alia is now our favorite restaurant!
After seeing it on Phantom Gourmet, had to try the ravioli with sausage dish and it really is to die for (we ordered a second one to bring home!). The chicken parm was amazing too. Glad we found this little place -- it is the best!
(Posted on 11/28/11)

Norma wrote:
My sister-in-law Lisa introduced me and our family to Alia's restaurant. She is a great cook and knows good food. She was absolutely right. Alia is a great place, with awesome food, great atmosphere and the owner is a wonderful man and a pleasure to talk to. We have brought many friends there and they were more than pleased with everything. Thanks Lisa
(Posted on 1/14/12)

chris walsb wrote:
D'Parma is first. BEEN TO BOTH
(Posted on 4/18/12)

Pam and Nico wrote:
We've tried all the restauarnts in Winthrop, D'Parma included, and Alia is the best of them all. Food, atmosphere and price can't be beat (and we are picky!). Lobster Ravioli (as a special) are probably my favorite. They recently opened a sister restaurant next door called Rustic Table that is also amazing. The menu at Rustic is more like pub food and the indian apple martini is to die for! Great food and cheap prices there too. Love the owners -- he and his wife are sweet and genuine.
(Posted on 9/22/12)


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