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What Boston-Area Restaurants Do You Like To Go To For Their Atmosphere?

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What Boston-area restaurants do you like to go to for their atmosphere? This can cover anything from romantic spots to places in scenic areas to quirky restaurants to cozy bars to anything, really. [Go here to post a reply.]
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Drew S. wrote:
The Cantab?

Nina F. wrote:
lulu's in allston, bull run in shirley, 80 thoreau in concord - all different, all great.

Mary S. wrote:
We love the atmosphere at the Summer Shack, any time of year!

Richard A. wrote:

Mark B. wrote:
James Gate. But food good not great.

Susan H. wrote:
Pier 6 - just across the piers from my building, is a perfect waterfront bar! I like River Bar in Assembly Row for the fire pits too.

Craig C. wrote:
Temezcal is pretty cool ambiance wise.

MM wrote:
Marliave Boston

Matthew D. wrote:
Pellana in Peabody, great steak and very nice wine selection. Good place for special occasions

Lyndon F. wrote:
River Gods, Cuchi Cuchi, James Gate the bar side in the winter for the fireplace. Tres Gatos

Becca F. wrote:
Not always thrilled with the food or service at Cambridge, 1. but the ambiance is really nice. Used to be a firehouse. Dark, wood, brick -- relaxing for Harvard Square.
Oh, and Algiers in Harvard Sq. for sure, especially the upstairs. Definitely feels like a step into another world.

Jen P. P. wrote:
Not technically Boston area, but I love the Rye Tavern in Plymouth so much. It's surrounded by nothing but woods, fields, and an old dirt road. It's completely secluded, and you feel like you're at someone's house for a summer party. The "yard" is complete with adirondack chairs and their own vegetable gardens. The inside is rustic and New Englandy, but the outside is so much nicer to enjoy.

R wrote:
Cafe Pamplona patio -- especially when it had the yellow umbrellas.
Also Dali!
Spoke in Davis
Red House by the fireplace in the winter

Mc Slim Jb wrote:
The Baldwin, Dube's in Salem, MA, O Ya (if only I could afford it more often), the original Santarpio's, Quito's in Bristol, RI, The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Paddy's Lunch, the original Daily Catch, Rowes Wharf Bar, Galley Diner in City Point, Brick & Mortar, The Hawthorne, Bogie's Place, Doyle's, Caffe dello Sport, Sunset Cafe, Gina's by the Sea in Dennis, the back room at Lucy's Ethiopian Cafe, Bar at the Taj, Avery Bar, The Bristol. And, of course, pretty much any Not Your Average Joe's.

Bob T. wrote:
Ames St Deli in Kendall Sq.

Patrick D. wrote:
Prezza.... NorthEnd

Tom wrote:
The Druid Pub Cambridge


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