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Best Bagels in the Boston Area?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

It can seem difficult to find good bagels in the Greater Boston area. Does anyone know of any truly great places for bagels, say, within Route 495? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 5/7/14):

DA wrote:
Gunther Tooties in Quincy. Delicous NY Style.

Chris wrote:
Katz Bagels, Chelsea, MA - the best

SRC wrote:
Rosenfeld's Newton Centre

FTHurley wrote:
Rosenfeld's in Newton Centre. Nice crust, chewy center. They're the best.

tonyg wrote:
Rosenfield's Newton

kgn wrote:
Bagel World...if you can't have NYC then Bagel World is all there is!!!

brookline wrote:
I was surprised and disappointed at how terrible the bagels were in Boston when I moved here 5 years ago. Everyone said to go to kupels. I really don't think they're anything special.

dp wrote:
Cafe Fresh in Needham! No question.

Larry wrote:
Kupels for sure!

sj wrote:
A bit north of the city but Perfectos in Andover has my vote.

jctandco wrote:
Weinbergs in Hull are the very best!! Even President Clinton had them when he visited the Vineyard!!

WJK wrote:
Finagle a bagel by MGH has the best selection and great cream cheese selections

VJW wrote:
Area Four, Main St. Central Square -Salt and pepper bagel
Kupels uses lousy flour and it makes a big difference...They are too cottony for me!

angie wrote:
Kupels in Brookline!!

Barbara wrote:
Katz in Chelsea - Real bagels!

sml wrote:
Katz or Kupels

jb wrote:
Cafe fresh in needham

rz wrote:
Abraham's in Newburyport. The line Saturday mornings is out the door and down the street.

Marcus wrote:
If we're including chains then I'll go for a garlic bagel from Bruegger's any time.

CW wrote:
Bagel World in Reading. The best!

Richie wrote:
Rosenfeld's for sure.

EM wrote:

Dan wrote:
Rosenfeld's in Newton.

CD wrote:
Brooklyn Water Bagels in Framingham or Kupels of course!

TP wrote:
Rosenfeld's in Newton Center without a doubt.

Erin wrote:
Bagel World and only Bagel World.

Mike G. wrote:
Bagel World

Chris P. wrote:
Kupel's in brookline

Christopher R. wrote:
Katz's in Chelsea.

Camille K. wrote:
I always like finagle a bagel.

Austin K. wrote:
Rosenfelds in Newton Centre.

J2 wrote:
Spot! In norwood
Very popular in southern burbs

Bill O. wrote:
Bagelsaurus @ Cutty's in Brookline, only available on Friday and Saturday but they make it count.

CD wrote:
Bagel World and Perfecto's in North Andover / Andover

Paul J. wrote:
Katz's in Chelsea

Steve S. wrote:
Bagel world

SKY wrote:
Katz's in Chelsea has been making real bagels for over 50 years. I've enjoyed them ever since I can remember. Pizza bagels are an added treat!


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