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Who Has the Best Bar Pizza in the Boston Area/Eastern MA?

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Who do you think has the best bar pizza in the Greater Boston area or elsewhere in Eastern Massachusetts? Any good ones outside of the South Shore? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Cara C. H. wrote:
Lynwood in Holbrook, Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton and Hoey's in Randolph-a three way!

Matthew T. wrote:
Town Spa in Stoughton. No doubt about it.

Rich O. wrote:
Lynwood in Randolph for me

Cara P. wrote:
Kelley's Pub in East Boston. I actually prefer it to Santarpio's.

Kevin M. wrote:
Town Spa or Cape Cod

Jen P. P. wrote:
Town Spa has gone downhill in the past few years (imo), I prefer Cape Cod Cafe.

Dan L. wrote:
Bertini's Salem & Riverview Ipswich.

Kevin M. wrote:
I've had Monte's on my list for years still need to go. I haven't found a true south shore bar style pizza anywhere on the north shore. One of the most underrated pizzas anywhere is Bianchi's on revere beach. Just incredible.

John H. wrote:
I'll give the North Shore there dues on Roast Beef and I'll see you the Fried Clams.. But Bar Pizza belongs to the South Shore and the holy trinity is The Lynwood, Hoey's at the AmVets, and the Cape Cod. Mic Drop here...

Loretta C. wrote:
Kelley Square Pub in Eastie.

TomH wrote:
Warren's in weymouth

@trem2303 wrote:

db wrote:
Lynwood in Randolph hands down.

LD wrote:
Lynwood in Randolph

Dan L wrote:
Lido Lynn

@mjd877 wrote:
Poopsies in Marshfield.

@BeardownBD wrote:
pizzings pizza, Marshfield MA

beej wrote:
The Alumni in Quincy, rip

Katie D. wrote:
Tin Rays in Brockton is amazing!!!!

@planningminion wrote:
Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton

bjm wrote:
Cape Cod Cafe
Alumni Pembroke close second

T. Rowe wrote:
Riverview in Ipswich, Toscana in Peabody

Pepper Roni wrote:
Will travel miles for Cape Cod Cafe

eric wrote:
Cape cod cafe. Hasn't changed in 30 years

Jp wrote:
Maggys in Quincy!

arf wrote:
Town Spa in Stoughton

Brian B. wrote:
Venus II in Marshfield

Kimberly A. wrote:
Poopsie's, hands down

@bsweeney1218 wrote:
town spa

@jmacbritt wrote:
should also check out Damien's in Hanson. Good bar pizza too!

@gem225 wrote:
Venus Cafe, the pizza of my youth!!!

@ka21470 wrote:
Poopsies in Pembroke

@planningminion wrote:
Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton

anonymous wrote:
Lynwood in Randolph

John D. wrote:
The Lynwood in Randolph

Shawn F. wrote:
Cape Cod Cafe #1. Lynwood #1A. I'll take the Bean Special.

Donna C. wrote:
Lynwood. I was there Friday

@BostonErik wrote:
Cape Cod Cafe is awesome! Definitely my favorite bar pizza.

@travers_peggy wrote:
Bella's in Rockland does a good bar pie

@bosdan wrote:
town spa pizza and lynwood cafe

G.N. wrote:
Lynwood in Randolph

brendan s wrote:
Town spa hands down. Lynwood close second

Chris wrote:
Charlie's Place in Wareham.

brendan s wrote:
Town spa hands down. Lynwood close second

Bill B wrote:
Poopsies in Pembroke
TK O'Sheas in Rockland
TK O'Malleys in Scituate
Riverview in Ipswich
Lynwood in Randolph

joe c wrote:
Lynwood by far!! Town Spa used to be good. The last two times we went it was horrible.

BD wrote:
Rafferty's Marshfield hands down, not too many people know about it

shhhhhhh wrote:
Armandos in Cambridge

JimS wrote:
Amvets Post 51 in Randolph

DC wrote:
Cape Cod (Brockton)....mac and cheese pie for the win

tadow wrote:
Warrens in Weymouth


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