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What Are the Best Individual Dishes/Food Items You've Had from Boston-Area Restaurants?

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What are some of the best specific dishes/food items you've ever had from restaurants in the Boston area? What made them stand out so much? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

Doreen I. V. wrote:
the ravioli d'uovo at Prezza

Chuck L. wrote:
The burger at Alden & Harlow.

Mike L. wrote:
Bacon at David Burke @ foxwoods

Corey H. wrote:
Mi Xao Don at Pho Basil on Mass Ave right near Symphony. Crispy yellow noodles, fresh vegetables, meat (or tofu) of your choice, and a wonderful Vietnamese gravy on top that the noodles soak up.
For more than 3 years it's been a monthly (if not weekly) must that I just haven't found equalled anywhere else in the city.

Dawn C. A. wrote:
Bacon and eggs bolognese from Moody's Backroom.

Linda R. wrote:
OMG, had my first Belle Isle lobster roll yesterday. No one compares.

Dan S. wrote:
Years ago, Carl's Subs in Waltham had the best steak and cheese sub I've ever had.

Lisa M. wrote:
The Duck and Dried Mushroom Soup at The Sunrise Restaurant in Dorchester was outstanding

Michael M. wrote:
Fiorellas fra diavolo

kate wrote:
Warm tomato salad at Stellina's in Watertown.

Jimmy C. wrote:
The paella valenciana at toro, cornbread at sweet cheeks Q, the butter poached lobster gnocchi or Kobe macrononchelli at sorrellina, Peking duck at Chang sho, into chitarra at bistro du midi, small clam linguini at fiorellas, lobster roll hot with butter at Neptune. We have a a great food town and I can go on forever....

Ethan S. wrote:
genes noodles.

greygarious wrote:
Jasper White's pan-roasted lobster at the Alewife Summer Shack.
Also Uncle Hansi's Onion Tart at Brasserie Jo.

Diana V. wrote:
The butternut squash ravioli at Giacomo's in the north end is literally life changing !

joe wrote:
Gypsy Pancake at Cafe Polonia...dubjah dubjah

@KaplanMax wrote:
mushroom app at kitchen in south end is unreal!

@barr08 wrote:
vietnamese dip at myers + chang

scoots wrote:
Hands down fruit di marre luigis in Bedford

rg wrote:
Chicken Parm sub at Dom's in Waltham.


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