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Best Pizza in the Boston Area?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

This question gets asked a lot, often with the answer being Regina's in the North End or Santarpio's in East Boston, or any number of places that serve bar pizza outside of the city (mostly on the South Shore). What I'd like to know is, what other pizza places would you consider to be at the level of Regina's or Santarpio's? Any kind is ok, from Greek style to bar pizza to Sicilian to traditional. [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

DU wrote:
Christo's Pizza in West Rox is by far the best pizza I have had in years!

Jack Moloney wrote:
Denley's in Weymouth, the best for over 50 years!

@plard83 wrote:
Emma's in Cambridge! Awesome, although they need to be open before 3pm for those 1pm Pats games...

ac wrote:
Ernesto's in the north end on Salem.. The best when you want to grab a slice!

Marina wrote:
Santarpios in East Boston and Bianchi's Pizza in Revere. Yum!!!

Sue wrote:
Pleasant in Roslindale

TGV wrote:
Fiore's in The North End Mushroom with truffle oil goooood

Lumpy wrote:
Pleasant Cafe in Rosi

AG wrote:
I love Za in Cambridge, right off the T in Kendall square. Always have fresh organic toppings from local farms and new innovative pizzas... if you're in the mood for something familiar, their standard create your owns are something to die for as well

jesse wrote:
umbertos in the North End for sicilian style pizza.

RDubya wrote:
It's a mean toss up between Posto, Za, and Flatbreads. Guess where I spend most of my time.

DNiff wrote:
Penguin Pizza Brigham Circle. Eggplant, ricotta, and balsamic reduced. Forget Thanksgiving... this is my favorite meal of the year!

kc wrote:
If in the North End, Regina's. If not, Pleasant in Roslindale.

LaParadiddle wrote:
Bova's in the North End has a special place in my heart! Sicilian pizza!

jim wrote:
Lynwood Cafe in Randolph. Nuff said!

FR wrote:
City Slicker Cafe Somerville Has Great "Bar Pie" Style pizza!

John L wrote:
Picco in South End! The closest to brick oven you can get and almost as good as John's NYC.

Cd wrote:
I can't believe that the only two real pizzerias, have not been named (Gran gusto and Pasta Beach). I guess that says it all about how much people know, about the real Italian pizza.

anonymous wrote:
Emma's in Kendall Square!

vinny wrote:
Figs in Beacon Hill

TerryK wrote:
Bianchi's on Revere Beach

ben wrote:
Proper Slice in Brighton. But eat that pizza in the restaurant fresh from the oven. Don't try to take it home where the crust streams and loses flavor during your commute. Pizza is meant to be eaten hot and crunchy. They have limited toppings, but that's the point...clean flavors. A def A+!

jeff eckman wrote:
regina north end. game over. for the last 30 years at least. okay. you can stop reading now and go there. you're welcome.

MK wrote:
All Star Pizza Bar

Fitz wrote:
Woodys, 58 Hemenway St. in the East Fenway. Good beer and wine selection too.

WDS wrote:
Pisa Pizza in Malden!!!

KR wrote:
Otto and Ducali in the N. End is great!

rich wrote:
The Brown Jug-Chelsea!

AB wrote:
Pisa Pizza Pearl St Malden MA!

rich wrote:
Picco - South End - No doubt, best pie in town!!

PIgs wrote:
The Brown Jug-Chelsea!

lc wrote:
Paddys on elm newton ma

grumpym wrote:
Umberto's in the northend is my favorite

lauren wrote:
Cape cod pizza Brockton

tbd wrote:
Santarpios! All day long!

Jessica wrote:
Lynwood in Randolph, Pini's in Waltham, Za on Mass Ave.- Arlington/Cambridge

Dan the Man wrote:
Louie's pizza in Woburn. end of discussion. get them before they sell out and close for the day.

RB wrote:
Otto's pizza in harvard (and elsewhere around the city). Chicken and basil or sausage and onion pizza's are fantastic! (Cambridge one has a better potato pizza, though)

@Lisaaaaaan wrote:
Regina's (North End only), of course! :)

@TheChefdePlunge wrote:
Depends on what you're looking for! Area 4 for gourmet wood fired, Pini's for greasy deliciousness, Beauty's for classic Greek

@jkfinn2010 wrote:
Ducali Pizzeria and Bar in the north end! @Ducali

Donald W. wrote:

Heath B. wrote:

tg wrote:
armando's with sauteed spinach, coming from a ny-er

jd wrote:
Gran Gusto. By far.

SK wrote:
I know it sounds crazy but it's Food Express Pizza & Deli on Main St in Waltham. It's a little hole in the wall place, but the pizza is outstanding! Thin crust, nice sauce and great cheese. Reminds me of a pizza from NYC or Federal Hill in Providence. You can tell they use the best ingredients, especially in the dough.

Dusti wrote:
Riveira Brewhouse Cafe, Bridgewater, fantastic bar style pizza and 32 taps to match beer to toppings

Patrick G. wrote:

Dan M. wrote:

Ryan R. wrote:
Stella's. H2Otown.

Lindsay M. wrote:
Santarpios - not even close!

Nikki F. wrote:
Pinocchio's in Harvard sq.

Chris P. wrote:
Hardest question to answer..santarps and reginas are the best but completely different pies

Jian M. M. wrote:
Il mondos!

Kendra B. wrote:
Town Spa Pizza in Stoughton!

Michael D. wrote:
Pino's in Cleveland Circle

Paul J. wrote:
KELLY'S PUB, in East Boston, with Santarpio's being a very close second.

Ali R. S. wrote:

Bobby D. wrote:
Stella's Watertown Louie's woburn

Richard B. wrote:
Objecively, Santarpio's; or a lot of bars. My favorite gin mill pizza is from the Brown Jug in Chelsea, but that is just because it is close.

Ashby L. O. wrote:
A4 in somervilleeee yes

Frederick W. wrote:
So many great options listed - I've heard good things about Picco in the South End, but they don't take reservations so forget that. I'm not standing around for three hours while some princesses wrap things up. Most of what I've had in the North End has been quite overrated, but the original Pizzeria Regina lives up to the hype. And for a posh but cheap night out, the stunning pizza at Nebo at Atlantic Wharf is hard to beat, especially out on their patio.

Kendra B wrote:
Town Spa in Stoughton!!

Kate wrote:
Santarpio's of course.

William wrote:
We love Mangia neapolitan Pizza. Always was our go to in the south end, now we live in the suburbs and hit their spot in medfield .

jl wrote:
Brown Jug !!

dg wrote:
Pepes in new haven first and formost.... Local? Bianchi's, santarpios,

rb wrote:
The Pleasant in Roslindale....Bianchi's second.

Leslie F. wrote:
Stoked Wood Fired Pizza Co. hands down.

rmar wrote:

Michelle wrote:
Il Mondo on Mission Hill & Proper Slice in Brighton

Nabs wrote:
Pinocchio's in Harvard Square has the finest Sicilian pizza in the area.

Pat M wrote:
Rags S6 in Quincy for bar pizza

fitzy wrote:
Harry's in quincy

Michelle C. wrote:
stella's in watertown for boston area...mama mia's is my all-time favorite (south shore)

Lori G. P. wrote:
Santarpio's & Otto

Bryan wrote:
North House in Salem! with Sweet sauce. Done!!

tc wrote:
Kelleys pub- great pie
Max and Leo's- how has no one mentioned that gem?!!

Ray W. wrote:
Maggys Lounge in Quincy

la eve! wrote:
Pompeii in the north end
Penguin in Brigham circle

steve b wrote:
Louies in Woburn. The best!

Joe P wrote:
Armando's, North Cambridge, hands-down, and cash only!

@Bfklin wrote:
Santarpio is very good, East Boston

Andrew D. wrote:

@thetavernguy wrote:
I'm a Town Spa man, myself.

@TanyaLouWho wrote:
I can't believe riverview in Ipswich wasn't mentioned

Scott wrote:
Regina's or Joe's Mainstreet in Winchester.

Camille K. wrote:

Rdm wrote:
Original Regina's

Liz K. wrote:
For us South Easterners, one should cross the border and go to Pizza King in Warwick, RI.

T. Rowe wrote:
Riverview in Ipswich, Louies in Woburn, Flying Saucer in Salem.

Kim wrote:
Bianchi's Revere beach

Amy wrote:
Picco - no brainer.

Original 617 wrote:
Yeah...Town Spa in tastes his own bile. Honestly... Wonderland had better pizza than Town Spa.

RR wrote:
Pino's in Cleveland Circle.

tobasta wrote:
Cape cod cafe in Brockton

tb wrote:
Pleasant Cafe please.

k wrote:
Louies Woburn, Santarpios, and Regina's top 3 easy

sarah wrote:
Stoked Wood Fired Pizza!

DD wrote:
Avenue Grill-Dot

mjb wrote:
Cape Cod Cafe Brockton

Seth wrote:
Gran Gusto by a mile. I encourage everyone who hasn't been to make the trip.


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