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Who Has the Best Boneless Tenders in the Boston Area?

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What are your favorite places in the Boston area to go to for boneless buffalo tenders (or wings or whatever you wish to call them)? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

Jason wrote:
The Waterfront Cafe on Commercial Street

Kelvin wrote:
Buff's Pub.....Honey Hots.......

Jason Brandenburg wrote:
If Framingham counts as "Boston Area" then I vote the Chicken Bone. Cannot beat their chicken.

Grover wrote:
Wendells in Norton or Pizzings in Abington!

jw wrote:
Buffs Pub

ash wrote:
Buffs pub in newton and the galway house in Jamaica plain!!

taco wrote:
RF O'Sullivans.

LP wrote:
Just 40 min south of Boston, and a few minutes away from Great Woods (or Comcast, whatever it is called now), I'd have to say Wendell's in Norton. A little hole in the wall, but get an order of 3.5 wings and you won't regret it!

GC wrote:
Buffs Pub, O'Haras in Newton a close second

Davinicivirus wrote:
1. Wamp's Pizzeria - Buffalo/Wing Ding/Gold Fever - Braintree, MA
2. Player's Bar - Honey Chipotle - Weymouth, MA
3. Easy Pie Braintree - Buffalo - Braintree, MA
4. 99 Restaurant - Gold Fever - Various Locations
5. Pizzings - Various Flavors - Abington
(Note: 1 time very good crispy wings, one time soggy.)

Phil wrote:
Tinker's Son in Norwell

RJ wrote:
Definitely love Wings Over Somerville! I prefer them to any other boneless wings I've ever had, except for Outback Steakhouse... :)

nlh wrote:
Maynard Village Pizza in Maynard.

paul wrote:
Pizza Etc. in Oak Sq. Brighton.

Erin wrote:
Olde Magoun Saloon in Somerville

MB wrote:
Blasi's Cafe! Their honey hots are to die for also!

Joe G wrote:
Been digging Pizzings lately in Abington. They have a Marshfield location, too.

Kristin R. wrote:
Windy City in Dorchester

@KerryCoffey wrote:
stats in southie for buff tenders

Kathrin wrote:
Honey hots from Blasi's in Dorchester!

Matt M. wrote:
MaMaGoo's in Cambridge w/honey mustard

@Sharalee_Field wrote:
@5HorsesTavern's buttermilk fried chicken tenders (served with red dragon chile sauce & buttermilk-scallion sauce)

Quib wrote:
Coolidge Corner Clubhouse

jenn e wrote:
City Streets in Waltham

@nathaniel wrote:
marks sandwich shoppe in Wellesley, broasted with honey mustard. And it's not close.

Robert E wrote:
I saw MassNightly has a "Wing King" that ventures around MA rating/tasting wings..been to a few places he's been to.. Fat Cat in Quincy is my #1

laurie wrote:
Any of the wings over... Locations. Waffle fries on the side. Boston burger company is a VERY close second!

RJ wrote:
Joco's in Waltham

REP wrote:
Wings Over!

bunkbedw wrote:
4 Square in Weymouth Landing is pretty awesome.

Erik H. wrote:
Big Daddy's in Brighton

Kevin J. wrote:

Paul B. wrote:
The Real Deal

Kevin L. wrote:
The Tavern at Quarry Hills has great buff tenders!

Tom C. wrote:
Honey Hots from Maguires Easton

Paul J. wrote:
Cherry tree on west newton

Michael M. wrote:
CCC Coolidge Corner Clubhouse

@labellamiaaa wrote:
Stash's in #Dorchester for takeout has really really good boneless tenders.

Frederick W. wrote:
I can name a hundred worst without breaking a sweat. Good ones are quite rare.
Love what they do at North Star by TD Garden. Also Lucky's and Intermission Tavern

JaSkinz wrote:
Geri's in Avon

jk wrote:
land & sea peabody ma best chicken tender & best fried seafood around


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