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Best Burger in the Boston Area?

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This is another often-debated question (along with best pizza in Boston/New England), but what restaurant, bar, sub shop, etc. has what you consider to be the best burger in the Boston area? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

R.M wrote:
Mr Bartleys Burgers!!

mark wrote:
Curley's. duh.

lkr wrote:
Mick Morgan's in newton

HS wrote:
The Four's - Restaurant & Sports Bar
166 Canal St
Boston, MA

JL wrote:
21st Amendment

cdn3 wrote:
The Local
1391 Washington
W. Newton
Quality Beef
Crisp brioche roll
Hand made fries

CC wrote:
JM Curley

sc wrote:
The best burger I have found is the homemade veggie burger at Bokx109 in newton!

TB wrote:
JM Curleys is the best burger I have ever had. Period.

Quate wrote:
10 tables JP!! best hamburger hands down!!!

JJ wrote:
The Druid in Inman Square!

tb wrote:
JM Curley

Leonard wrote:
R.F. O'Sullivan's in Somerville, hands down!

Meghan wrote:
Steak burger at the Tip Tap Room in Beacon Hill!

CLD wrote:
RF O'Sullivans in Somerville

CL wrote:
Boston Burger Company

AT wrote:
JM Curleys or Eastern Standard!!!!

ACA wrote:
The 'Our Way' burger at The Gallows in the South End. So good!

kb wrote:

m2g wrote:
love looking @ all the opinions,really want to try Curleys and sadly have never been(yet)to Sullivans in Castle Island-but THIS will be the year!!!!

Galen wrote:
Four Burgers is the best. Guess none of you have tried it.

liz wrote:
Boston Burger Company in Davis square! Especially after a Somerville 5k

CR wrote:
Always loved the double cheese burger at Charlie's Kitchen Harvard Sq. Old Magoun's in Somerville is becoming a fast favorite.

fat boy dead wrote:
Halfway Cafe.. angus burger on a fresh roll.. just as good are the hand cut fries...

@johnboyrx wrote:

eileensideways wrote:
A&B Burgers 50 St Peter St in Salem located in the old salem jail. try their "adult" milkshakes too. yummy

nancy wrote:

mv wrote:
flat pattiesssss

LP wrote:
Highland Kitchen, Somerville

Billy G. wrote:
Sullivan's Castle island , double cheese burger with fries and a chocolate shake just can't be beat ! No kidding ! Beats them all hands down for about $ 7

Frederick W. wrote:
Jm curley and the Gallows both have superb burgers.

MH wrote:
Boston Burger Company by Hynes. So many choices and they're all delicious!

@jodster112 wrote:
@b_good_ :) best burgers. veg that is... i mean, that's my go to burger... w/ siracha and guacamole...i used to do buffalo

Kimberly C. wrote:
My top 3-Totally diff atmospheres but Bristol Lounge, Harvard Gardens, Bartleys in Cambridge.

kamoraman wrote:
I like FUDDRUCKERS in Saugus and elsewhere.

NV wrote:
The Gallows
... and for more mass-market appeal: Tasty Burger

dg wrote:
5 corners kitchen in Marblehead ma! Yummmmmm

mpop wrote:

jb wrote:
Bartley burger in Harvard square, place is the

Tyler wrote:
Eastern Standard. If you head north to ski country in New Hampshire try a burger from the woodstock brewery

Lori G. P. wrote:
Lineage & Coolidge Corner Clubhouse

djm2000live wrote:
intermission Tavern

mary t wrote:
227 Hanover St
Boston's Nort End

dan m wrote:
Craigie on Main
JM Curley
The Merchant

JW wrote:
hidden gem burger: Rox Diner in West Rox

ZB wrote:
Craigie on Main!

JMB wrote:
Stoddards - Downtown
Craigie on Main - Somerville
Alden & Harlow - Cambridge
Shack Shack - Cambridge
Curlys - DownTown
Lucca - Back Bay
Kirkland Tap & Trotter - Cambridge
Cobblestone Special burger - North End "when it first opened"
Fuddruckers - Saugus

JimmyZ wrote:
50/50 Gallows/JM Curley

AM wrote:
The Haven, JP

@LaurRac wrote:
The Abbey in Brookline!!

@Austin_Koch wrote:
I don't know if I'd call them the best but Lee's in Newton Centre and Brookline have great burgers.

Elizabeth B. wrote:
RFO Sullivan's (Beacon St Somerville) and The Druid (Inman Sq)

Frederick W. wrote:
Currently my favorite is Shake Shack on Newbury. But I haven't tried RJ O'Sullivan's in Somerville. Keeping can open mind till then.
I've had the one at Radius. And the one at Craigie. Good. But not earth shattering.

Tee Cee wrote:
Tasty Burger in Harvard Sq. does a nice burger too!

bm wrote:
Lucca back Bay has one of the best in the city. Simple but great, go try it

Karen wrote:
Lee's in Newton Centre (but have not tried their Coolidge Corner location yet)

Timothy D. wrote:
RONNIES PLACE, Medford. R.F. O'Sullivans, Somerville.

@JimQuinnOCC wrote:
I love the California Burger at Cornwall's Pub in Kenmore. I'll Tweet a pic next time I'm there.

@TrippyFood wrote:
Both RF O'Sullivan in Somerville and Bartley's in Harvard Square

KP wrote:
Sully's Tap
Narry and delivery, priceless.

@johnboyrx wrote:
@SauceWings in Andover

Sharon B wrote:
Kirkland Tap and Trotter's and "Our Way" from the Gallows!

AK wrote:
Paris Burger at Met Bar

mbj wrote:
The Jetty Marshfield
Longhorn Steakhouse Pembroke Ma

mea wrote:
Wahlburgers in Hingham are "Awesome"...!!!! My Favorite is the Portobello Mushroom Burger...!!!!

anonymous wrote:
Atwoods. East cambridge

@BostonBestEats wrote:
Cragie on Main is in a class by itself.

CB wrote:
Lincoln Tavern

AF wrote:
Craigie on Main. No doubt in my mind.

meab wrote:
The Local in Wellesley!! John Dewar beef hamburger served perfectly!!

as wrote:
Just tried smashburger for the first time. Really great

TMH wrote:
Dunn Gaherins in Newton!

Kevin M. wrote:
Sullivan's great burger. Kelleys great burger as well.

PigTrip wrote:
Alden and Harlow, Chopps, Craigie On Main, Back Bay Social Club, Eastern Standard, Gallows, JM Curley, Russell House Tavern, Shake Shack.

Kevin M. wrote:
Eastern Standard has a great burger. Mess Haul food truck out of Andover kills it too! Not always on the menu but when it's there get it

Dan M. wrote:
Stockholders in Weymouth

Liz M. P. wrote:
Sunny Boy Brookline

Pam K. wrote:
Tom's Pizza & Sandwich Shop the GODFATHER BURGER!

Pat M. wrote:
Sauce andover

Dawn C. A. wrote:
Shake Shack

Stephen N. wrote:
Mr. Bartley's Harvard Square

Tony B. wrote:
Red Heat in Wilmington.

Shon W. wrote:
McMorgan's Needham/Newton line

@_BURGAHOLIC_ wrote:
I had a killer burger at @BostonBurgerCo last weekend! A blog is coming soon about it!

@lisamodonoghue wrote:
I LOVE the bacon cheeseburger #sliders at @SimpliBB, #JamaicaPlain

@muscman70 wrote:
Best Burger in Boston by far is @DruidPubCamb

@apoling0 wrote:
nosh burger at nosh bar in ME is my favorite, but agree that bartley's & @SauceWings have very good burgers

Leah Klein wrote:
I have to admit I am a fan of Wahlburgers. Good stuff. Great choices I really liked the BBQ sauce one.

MD wrote:
Sweetwater Boston - 3 Boylston PL - love the build your own option

drn wrote:
Bistro 5 in West Medford! Thursday nights only, but it is fantastic


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