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Who Has the Best Calzones in the Boston Area?

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What restaurant, sub shop, pizza place, etc. has the best calzones in the Boston area? What kind(s) do you get there? [Go here to post a reply.]
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Drew S. wrote:
My Brothers Place in Arlington. They were my go to spot when they had a location in the Fenway (now Mei Mei, it was Giga's pizza for several years in between). I only recently found out about the Arlington spot when my wife and I were babysitting for a friend in Medford who "paid" us by opening up Foodler and telling us to order from anywhere.
I'm sad how few decent calzones are available for delivery to my neighborhood. So many college kids, so little good delivery. RIP Canestaro's.

Edward O. wrote:
Galleria Umberto! Perfect single-serving size and deliciozo!

Kevin M. wrote:
Slice pizza Wakefield

Julie K. wrote:
Picco - South End (on Tremont St) very good!

Owen M. wrote:
Anchovies has an excellent calzone

Linda R. wrote:
Has to be Galleria Umberto. No doubt about it.

Paul B. wrote:
Can't beat the steak and cheese calzone from Fauci's in Lynn.

Dawn C. A. wrote:
Nick's Place in Lexington makes a pretty darned good calzone.

Christopher F. R. wrote:
Meridian Market in East Boston has an awesome chicken and eggplant calzone.

Steve D. wrote:
Pat's Pizza in Dorchester. Get there.

LSP wrote:
Gabriella's in Weymouth. Stop what you're doing and go there now.

jay wrote:
Gennarro's in quincy

chris j wrote:
Espressos in Medford has great buffalo and reg calzones. Dough makes it.

Geoff H. wrote:
Doesn't get much better than Upper Crust's BBQ breaded chicken calzone.

Matt M. wrote:
Riverside Pizza in Dedham. I've never had a better buffalo chicken calzone.

Krista M. D. wrote:
Bazel's in Holliston.

Lisa M. wrote:
Mario's Trattoria in Easton has the best calzones - thinner, crispy crust, and a great red sauce. Definitely my favorite!

Suzanne R. R. wrote:
LaCascia's bakery Burlington. Hands down, best Italian cold cut calzone.

Diane F. wrote:
Umberto's on Hanover Street.

Mary S. wrote:
Victor's Deli in Somerville.

Rich D. wrote:
Pizzeria Dante and Picco. Both make exceptional pizza. As much as I like the pizza at il Mondo, their calzones are subpar. An oddity.

Don B. wrote:
Crow Point, buffalo chicken is awesome

@alevin_44 wrote:
outside the city but hands down best buffalo chicken calzone is from Generations Pizza in Attleboro.

@muscman70 wrote:
Nick's in Winthrop has an amazing Honey BBQ Chicken Calzone!

@thealburns wrote:
The calzones from Alfredo Aiello's in Norwell are wonderful!

@mgnicosia wrote:
The spinach calzone at Crest Ave in Winthrop - so good

@SombraDeAdam wrote:
first bite in Allston has wicked calzones!

Matt M. wrote:
Spinach calzone at Meridian Market in East Boston. I could eat one everyday for the rest of my life.

mike b. wrote:
Pats pizza in lower mills. Steak and cheese is awesome!!

Colin R. wrote:
Crow Point Pizzera, Hingham, MA
Buffalo Chicken Calzone.


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