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Cappy's Tavern in Readville?

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Is there anyone out there who has been to Cappy's Tavern in Readville? I assume it's a local hangout, but is it a friendly enough place for first-timers to go to? What do they have on their menu? Bar pizza? Steak tips? Burgers? I don't think I've ever eaten in Hyde Park or Readville, so I'd like to find a place or two to go in that part of Boston at some point. [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 8/27/08 by hiddenboston)


BDF wrote:
This is a very good establishment that has been doing business in Readville for decades. The owner is a dedicated community figure and has maintained the highest standards for such taverns. While I do not frequent the place, my children have and they thoroughly have enjoyed themselves.
(Posted on 8/28/08)

Anne MacAulay wrote:
Cappy's Tavern in Readville is a four star tavern and serves delicious lunches and dinners - also breakfast. I had the pleasure of having lunch there today. I had a turkey club sandwich and french fries. It is a friendly neighborhood place with clean restrooms and some interesting memorabilia on the walls of Boston College and a picture of Readville Trotting Park. I recommend this place highly.
(Posted on 9/11/08)

KDL wrote:
Fabulous. Get there early on Fridays there seafood goes fast. DELICIOUS and fresh. No worries it is a little place no one bothers you and the staff could not be friendlier.
(Posted on 3/18/10)


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