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Boston-Area Restaurant or Bar With the Best Chicken Wings?

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Who do you think has the best chicken wings in the Greater Boston area? Is it a restaurant? A bar? Perhaps a sub shop or takeout joint? What makes their wings so special? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

CJV wrote:
The Pub in Ball Square, Somerville

rachel wrote:
Wendell's in Norton for sure

db wrote:
Angela's in Saugus.

Cindy C wrote:
Whiskey's buffalo wings are delish!

cheri wrote:
Wings Over Somerville is amazing. Surprisingly, so are Jacob Wirth's buffalo and Asian sesame wings

dj wrote:
Tricity wings in newton has the best wings in Boston area

M. Tallon wrote:
Blackstrap BBQ in Winthrop MA

Food Wookiee wrote:
Best Buffalo Wings east of Albany are at the Fat Cat in Quincy. They know the righteous mix of sauce, crisp fry and sauce again.

elp wrote:
Big Daddy's in Brighton!

AM wrote:
Woody's on Hemenway St in Fenway!

Jen B wrote:
John Brewers in Waltham, pleasantly surprised, awesome wings! $0.25 on Sunday and Monday nights!

TFB wrote:
Halfway Cafe in Canton- cafe or honey bbq

barton fink wrote:
Halfway Cafe Dedham--- Buzz sauce
Boneless wings are excellent

Louis C. wrote:
CapeAnn Brewery. The Habanero are wicked good and the GhostChili are wicked hot but not painfully so. Great beers and views too.

j0hnnymac wrote:
can't believe i'm the 1st vote for Buff's Pub.

JMC wrote:
Buffs Pub in Newton Corner!

D wrote:
Simply Khmer in Lowell. No better wings anywhere.

jibbajabba99 wrote:
The reggae wings at @ParishCafe1 are pretty phenomenal...

apoling0 wrote:
Bon Chon (Cambridge and Allston) and Sauce (Andover - try the "Barbalo" sauce)

Maria P. S. wrote:
Buffs Pub

Rick S wrote:
Sorry folks there are the wings at Buff's Pub and then there are the wings that are almost as good as Buff's.

@mgnicosia wrote:
SoulFire in Allston - best spicy honey wings

Kelley wrote:
Gotta go with Buff's. Lots of options for sauces and great quality.

camozzi_joe wrote:
Buffs in Newton. Their wings are consistently good. Great place to devour a boatload of wings.

Matt C. wrote:
John Brewers

Dabs wrote:
Buffs is the best for buffalo wings. Lincoln in Southie has my overall favorite wings, flavored with spices and cooked in the brick oven...but they don't count as buffalo wings.

DB wrote:
The Soy-Garlic WOW! wings at Ginger Exchange in Inman Sq. (Think bonchon)

CR wrote:
Wendells in Norton, MA it's the sauce

JL wrote:
Buff's in Newton is the only thing that comes close to traditional Buffalo wings.
I'll give a shout to Parlor Sports in Inman Sq. The sauce is in the traditional style (if a bit bland) and they actually get the chicken right (juicy with crispy skin), which no one seems to be able to get right around here...

cat wrote:
Bon Chon

wingin' wrote:
Right down the street from Buff's -- Cherry Tree....Cherry Tree Wings awesome!

MC Slim JB wrote:
Sorry, my Buffalonian relatives, but Korean-style wings like those served at Bon Chon Chicken are superior -- if and only if you can get them made to order. Twice fried, like Belgian frites, once at a lower temperature to cook them through, then briefly at a higher temperature to crisp the skin. Sauces are hand-painted on at the end, and both (soy/garlic and hot) are terrific. I prefer the wings and drumsticks to the strips.

CB wrote:
I'll second the Pub in Somerville. Get 'em on the grill. Not traditional, but awesome. For a more traditional wing, it's Buff's Pub in Newton.

Dan M. wrote:
Buff's Pub, Newton.

FatGurlBoston wrote:
FatCat is very good. I liked in upstate NY for 5 yrs. and sorry to say there's nothing like it around here.
They have to be crispy. Slimy, wet wings are nast.

JonDon wrote:
Buffs FTW.

jb wrote:
Lollipop wings at Kings in lynnfield

NLC wrote:
Fat Cat Quincy, by miles! Even Buffalonian Bostonians I know go there.

@ashlyn_stours wrote:
Silvertone's Rochester wings are other-worldly. Anddddd I will be checking this thread all day.

William P. wrote:
Not Buffalo, but definitely KFC, Bonchon in Allston and Lowell.

Geoff W. wrote:
I'm torn between Soul Fire BBQ and Sweet Cheeks Q. I'd give the edge to Soul Fire because they are majorly consistent. I've had some so-so meals at Sweet Cheeks Q.

Dawn D. wrote:
Lewis's in Norwood...their boneless wings ...chipotle barbeque sauce topped with chopped bacon, crumbled bleu and scallions ...YUM!

Jim wrote:
Whiskey's Boston, and Side Bar Boston

Jay wrote:
As others have mentioned, Buffalo-style chicken wings need to be crispy. They have to be fried a long time (at least 15 minutes) in order to stand up to the sauce. Most places aren't willing or able to devote that amount of time. They also cannot be breaded, battered, or otherwise coated. Sauce should be nothing more than Frank's Red Hot and butter, with extra cayenne to taste. Buff's is the closest I've found in the area to wings back in WNY. Any other places come close to these criteria?

Kelly J wrote:
Buff's Pub in Newton. Undisputed wings champ.

CB wrote:
The Dudley Chateau hands down. Its in Westland for those of you who haven't been go!

MB wrote:
J.J. Brannellys in Roslindale. Excellent buffalo wings.

cg wrote:
bon chon

Spinypine wrote:
Buff's. Hands down.

Hank wrote:
Buff's Pub, Newton.
I'm waiting for someone to cook up something that can compete, and hoping this list will offer suggestions - but I'm skeptical. Buff's is the real deal.

pieapple bob wrote:
Soled chicken wings with championship run and agave glaze at the rosebud in Davis square are the BOMB

suecap wrote:
The Pub in Somerville

CT wrote:
Bon Chon Chicken in Allston or Ginger Exchange in Cambridge.

carl wrote:
For true crispness, non battered duffs or anchor type wings. Buffs and a close second is halfway cafés buffalo sauced wings. Halfways buzz wings are great as are Bon chon's soy garlic. Ordering boston beer works and the red hat's 10cent wings well done has the flavor but if you have specify well done?!? Defeats the purpose. Most others are undercooked creating that rubbery texture of skin that can't hold up a sauce. Making a homemade bleu cheese like Archie moores in new haven is a bonus.

Tyler C wrote:
This upstate NY'er will be checking out Buff's at his earliest convenience. The best wings I've found so far in Boston are at the Galway House on Centre Street in JP.

pat wrote:
its buffs I guess. But this is like crowning the tallest midget. This area can't seem to do wings right.

kl wrote:
wendalls in norton

fjd wrote:
Buffs is better, but Busy Bee Waterown gets the silver. Less crowded than Buffs can sit right away.


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