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Who Has the Best Chili in the Boston Area?

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What restaurant has what you consider to be the best chili in the Boston area? What makes it stand out? Does it have beans? Is it hot or mild? What kind of meat is used? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

Tina wrote:
The Grendel's Den in Harvard Square has a good vegetarian chili.

KM wrote:
Pour House on Boylston St. Nice and spicy!

JK wrote:
I second the Pour House for their excellent chili. Has a real good spice kick to it.

SL wrote:
Tennessee's in Peabody.

TL wrote:
No such animal.

JR wrote:
Zaftigs in Coolidge Corner (Brookline).

RH wrote:
I agree w/ TL. Unfortunately the state of chili in the Boston area is a sad one! But I am happy to taste test everyone that makes the list!

Shelley T. wrote:
Figaro's Revere Beach (also in Boston near South Station) has a great habanero chili. Very tasty!

JA wrote:
The Eaglebrook Saloon in Norfolk has a pretty decent chili. Beef, beans, decent spice.

CK wrote:

Katie wrote:
Picco has amazing chili. They use super tender beef brisket, and black beans. The base has an amazing smoky chipotle spice.

Kevin Sean wrote:
The best meat chili? All-Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge. Best vegetarian chili? The unfortunately no longer there Other Side Cafe at the end of Newbury St.

@jsilva982 wrote:
@magounssaloon has the best chili I've had in Boston. And I love chili.

@BlueIris9 wrote:
Franks Steakhouse in Cambridge

Brian S. wrote:
Try the lamb chili at Zo


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