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Your Go-To Place for Cocktails?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What restaurant or bar in the Boston area do you typically go to for a cocktail? And what drink(s) do you typically get there? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 5/21/14):

lukeoneil47 wrote:
West side lounge and noir.

Mr. Scott wrote:
The bar and drinks at Bergamont are really fun. Love their Martinez. Plus they tweet.

amcdonne wrote:
Don't miss out on Craigie on Main's cocktail whim. You get four miniature cocktails that progress in courses, made with the same creativity and attention to detail as their food.

Ian wrote:
Eastern Standard, for sure!

jq wrote:
Cuchi Cuchi!!!

julie wrote:
Green Street Grill in Central Square!

Shepard wrote:
Drink - superb, 1st choice
Lord Hobo - does a nice job
Craigie on Main - Ardoise is sublime

LP wrote:
I like to go to the Top of the Hub and order a Pearl Harbor

Trinity wrote:
River Gods in Cambridgeport :)

JNR wrote:
Drink - 1st Choice
Franklin Cafe - 2nd Choice

CF wrote:
Drink is overhyped. Russell House.

JM wrote:
The Hawthorne and Island Creek Oyster Bar have very knowledgeable and talented bartenders. I always enjoy the things they come up with.

Leah wrote:
Walking I'll go to Ten Tables, TW Food, Full Moon or House of Chang or Paddy's. If I can drive then I'm going to the Charles Hotel ping pong between Noir, Henrietta's and Rialto. Or I'll pull up a seat at the Craigie on Main or The Blue Room Bar. If I want to settle into a nice settee then I'm going to Cuchi Cuchi or Park.

KU wrote:

SRS wrote:
The Hawthorne or Eastern Standard!

NJR wrote:
The Hawthorne
Citizen Public House
...all solid Kenmore / Fenway spots

A, wrote:
1) Drink
2) Hawthorne
3) Brick & Mortar
4) jm Curley
5) Green Street

richie wrote:
Floramos in Chelsea. Great cocktails knowledgeable bartenders and reasonable pricing. Myself I enjoy scotch.

Steve wrote:

Zach wrote:
Haru Hour is Sweet and The Hawthorne I think there both on the UNight app if your trying to plan to meet up with all your friends but don't want to send a million texts

@KM_Zencat wrote:
Eastern Standard (especially late-nite)

@waaronw wrote:
I'm in for @backbarunion any time. Others are OK, but Back Bar is consistently amazing.

@1angdon wrote:

PB wrote:
The Hawthorne. Unless the Boston area includes Providence, in which case it's The Dorrance.

LK wrote:
Bertucci's Plymouth Ma

Cameron R. wrote:
I go to Coda, Silvertone, Q Restaurant, Shojo, Parish Cafe on Boylston, The Tam, Jacob Wirth's and Picco.

Michelle L. wrote:
I just had some reallllly good cocktails at 15 Walnut in Hamilton, MA. Worth the trip!


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