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Who Has the Best Coffee In or Near Boston?

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What restaurant or coffee shop has the best coffee in the Boston area? Are there some independent coffee shops that you particularly like? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 9/29/14):

JMG wrote:
Pavement on Boylston

er wrote:
Thinking Cup!

mak wrote:
3 little figs -- Somerville!

jd wrote:
Raos coffee in general, and I know the Appleton Bakery / cafe brews a good cup but I discovered it at Mohr & McPherson South End where I like it better

CH wrote:
Flour in the Seaport District

dsr wrote:
Voltage in Kendall Square

LP wrote:
Barismo in Arlington and Simon's in Cambridge (because they use Barismo beans) by far the best around. Just tried Great Barrington Coffee in Boston and it was very good.

GastroPublico wrote:

Mark wrote:
Cafe Fixe in Brookline, Blue State Coffee on Comm Ave and BU Campus. Voltage in Kendall Square.

Cristy M. wrote:
Cafe Nation in Brighton Center and Diesel in Davis Sq. Both great!

Caroline wrote:
Hi-Rise Cafe on Mass Ave pulls a fantastic shot of espresso!

JJP wrote:
Equal Exchange Cafe near North Station.

meg reichs wrote:
Boston common coffee, hands down.

Sully wrote:
Redeye Roasters Hingham Harbor. I think this is what coffee is supposed to taste like. -former Starbucks barista

Kent wrote:
JP Licks has great coffee AND great ice cream. Life is good.

NRF wrote:
Dwelltime in Cambridge

Melissa wrote:
Barismo! roaster for Dweltime, simons, voltage, and a handful other shops that stock Barismo beans!

lt wrote:
Coffee Tea and Me in Melrose uses Inteligentsia coffee . Best coffee and lattes I ever tried!!

SWL wrote:
Voltage in Cambridge

frank marino wrote:
Coffee tea and me! Best coffee ever!

nate wrote:
Barrington coffee on congress street in fort point. Perfect.

Nicole wrote:
Simons in Cambridge!

R.S.R. wrote:
Wired Puppy! I also appreciate their options of brewing methods.

jvo wrote:
A&J King Bakery in Salem. Buy whole beans from them now. Best coffee!

megan c wrote:
Three Little Figs!!

geoff miller wrote:
Karma in Sudbury roasts the best dark not burned estate coffees in the Boston area !!

VZ wrote:
Voltage, Kendall Sq. Clover food trucks pour over a decent brew as well.

rich wrote:
Boston Common Coffee they roast their own! And their iced coffee is amazing and yes they melt your sugar!

MOC wrote:
P.S. Coffee on Dorchester Street in South Boston! Great flavors and always quick.

geoff miller wrote:
Karma in Sudbury. . Master roaster, estate beans

rich wrote:
Boston Common Coffee they roast their own! And their iced coffee is amazing and yes they melt your sugar!

John C. wrote:

Pino C. wrote:
Coffee break locations in Quincy

Susan B. wrote:
Back Bar in Union Sq, somerville (seriously!)

Jen O. wrote:
Coffee Break in Quincy. Hands down, best coffee anywhere.

Glenn F. wrote:
Newman's @ McDonald's is good but Peet's is best

Michael O. wrote:
Zaftigs Deli in Brookline.

@RobinDaniels3 wrote:
Red Eye Roasters in Hingham!

Kimberly C. wrote:
Bostonia Public House on State Street. French Press too!

KDQ wrote:
Fazenda in JP

MDG wrote:
Render Coffee on Columbus in the South End is the only correct answer.

Alfy wrote:
Locally roasted Mykl's Coffee.
The Bold roast is superb.

Frederick W. wrote:
Thinking Cup is my favorite, followed by Bourbon Coffee in Somerville.

rachel wrote:
pavement (comm ave, boylston, newbury)... so good.

geneva wrote:
Hi Rise (Mass Ave, Cambridge)

skm wrote:

mt wrote:
george howell coffee newtonville

lc wrote:
Boston common coffee

jc wrote:
Any Rao's or Peet's

eg wrote:
Thinking Cup!

EverettH wrote:
Another vote for Barismo here.

anonymous wrote:
Barrington Coffee near Sportello... it's my 'special treat' place for sure. Mmmmm I'm drooling.

Paul wrote:
Quebrada, Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington. Also, the chocolate croissants are to die for!

Jim wrote:
+1 for Barismo/Dwelltime


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