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Restaurant With the Best Cornbread in New England?

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Any ideas for where to go in New England for the best cornbread? I know of a few restaurants that have excellent cornbread, but most are around Boston (Blue Ribbon BBQ is one of my favorites for this). [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 7/12/07 by hiddenboston)


Benjie Grant wrote:
Durgin Park.
(Posted on 9/4/07)

Denise wrote:
Horseshoe in North Reading has delicious corn bread with cinnamon butter. Enjoy!
(Posted on 10/5/07)

Karen M. wrote:
The Yankee Smokehouse in West Ossipee, NH!
(Posted on 10/5/07)

Luke wrote:
(Posted on 5/14/09)

Ken B. wrote:
Village Smokehouse in Brookline.
(Posted on 5/14/09)

John H. wrote:
I'm a big fan of Redbones in Davis Square (Somerville).
(Posted on 5/14/09)

Emily wrote:
If I remember correctly, Union had some pretty amazing cornbread in a skillet.
(Posted on 5/14/09)

SG wrote:
Hungry Mother has amazing skillet cornbread with sorgum butter. OH LORDY is it tasty!
(Posted on 5/14/09)

Jenn Sutkowski wrote:
Sel de la Terre, but for some reason it's not on their regular menu (had it for brunch on Easter). Dang it. So I'll have to say Blue Ribbon BBQ.
(Posted on 8/31/09)

solomon wrote:
Kind of strangely, masa in the south end! And it comes with molasses? Butter and two really delicious jam/chutney/jellies (one chipotle something or other and the other apricot-ish!) delicious.
(Posted on 8/31/09)

KS wrote:
Hungry Mother in Cambridge! mmm
(Posted on 10/8/09)

Mandy wrote:
Trina's Starlite Lounge, just opened. And East Coast Grill.
(Posted on 10/8/09)

rg wrote:
CE Restaurant in Belmont has large great cornbread.
(Posted on 10/8/09)

loveygourmet wrote:
Masa and Union Grille have great cornbread.
(Posted on 10/8/09)

C wrote:
Trina's Starlite Lounge. Incredible.
(Posted on 11/18/10)

pp wrote:
Persey's Place several locations.
(Posted on 11/19/10)


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