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Best Corned Beef Hash in the Boston Area?

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What restaurants in the Greater Boston area have the best corned beef hash? Are they heavy on onions, heavy on potatoes, or mostly corned beef? Anything else mixed into the hash? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 4/17/14):

jkaaay wrote:
Reds Sandwich Shop and Diner in Salem!

Jeremy wrote:
Kelly's Diner in Ball Sq Somerville..

fatsean wrote:
Neighborhood Restaurant in Union Square.

Tom D. wrote:
@TridentBooks on Newbury has some of the best home-made corned beef hash I've ever tasted. Huge chunks of meat mixed with potatoes and cabbage and other good stuff topped with 2 eggs. Amazing.

rumcity wrote:
Early American in Quincy is great.

po wrote:
Renee's Cafe Holland Street Somerville

AB wrote:
Harry's in Westborough. Homemade, finely chopped and grilled slightly crispy.

David wrote:
Ball Square Cafe in Somerville. The perfect ratio of the three.

John Walsh wrote:
The Southie Omelette is a serious breakfast at the Galley.

Nicole N. wrote:
I second Trident, it's the best traditional hash around. For a modern twist, I love the Red Flannel Hash from The Fireplace in Brookline. They throw some turkey and beets in with the corned beef!

AB wrote:
Ball Square Cafe

SmartChow wrote:
Town Diner in Watertown. Real meat strips, not mush!

Mike P wrote:
Definitely Trident, their corned beef is unreal.

Christopher S. Johnson wrote:
Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown.

TSG wrote:
Gotta try the Red Flannel Hash at flora in Arlington for Sunday Brunch! Beets meets eggs - you wouldn't think it would work but OH MY it does!

RMH wrote:
Jimmy's Diner in Weymouth on Broad St, is very good, order it well done . Thank me later.

anonymous wrote:
Rox Diner in West Roxbury. I haven't had it, but my friend says it's the is all their food!

HF wrote:
Mike's City Diner in the South End, and Cafe Luna in Central Square.

shir wrote:
Mike's Diner in the South End. Yum.

kiwete wrote:
Asgard in Cantral Square. Hands down!

tgunn wrote:
Galley diner in southie

bp wrote:
trident - hands down.

LK wrote:
ITS TRIDENT. I am serious. you haven't lived until you have tried their corn beef hash.

RFSB wrote:
Red's in Salem or Victoria's Diner on Mass Ave.

AS wrote:
Absolutely Trident. My regular order there is a Fresh Complexion juice, a cup of French Onion soup, and always, always a side of Corned Beef Hash.

alexj_may wrote:
MULS Diner in South Boston. C'mon people! Can't believe i'm the first vote.

nh wrote:
another vote for deluxe town diner, watertown.

Pino C. wrote:
50s diner in Dedham

Mike M. wrote:
Mikes deli on Washington, the only place anyone has mentioned who actually has legitimate corned beef in it and isn't the consistency of cat food.

AFL wrote:
I second Muls in Southie!!

@girlfromwolly wrote:
Kristen's in Braintree!

Angela T. H. wrote:
S&S in Cambridge and the lost, lamented Jack & Marion's in Brookline.

Matt C. wrote:
S&S Deli

Kevin Barry wrote:
Irish Cottage, Methuen

Dan Hubbell wrote:
J&Es Yankee Diner Charlton, MA Amazing homemade hash!!

Dan H. wrote:
J&Es Yankee Diner Amazing hash!!

SueandRich R. wrote:
Mul's Diner in Southie

@mabeerne1 wrote:
Dot2Dot in Dorchester has the best corned beef hash. Hands down.

Technodad wrote:
Station 5 Grill in Natick has a wonderful corned beef hash omlett. full of meat & perfectly seasoned.

@DabrielaGlobsley wrote:
The Early American cafe in Quincy is the only place I go for hash because it's homemade and chunks of corned beef get cozy with a perfect ratio of onions and potatoes. No cans here guys, f that noise you can open a can of hash and cook it well done at home, if that's the gross experience you're looking for. But since I was in high school, it's the only choice for bomb hash perfectly suited to treat a hangover.

HG wrote:
Zoe's in Harvard Square


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