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Best Corned Beef Sandwich in the Greater Boston Area?

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What restaurant, deli, sub shop, etc. makes what you consider to be the best corned beef sandwich in the Greater Boston area? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Tina S. wrote:
Michaels in Coolidge Corner.

D wrote:
Arthur's - Chelsea

JK wrote:
You clearly have never been to Sam La Grassas in the Boston financial district. One of the best delis in the country. Pastrami is to die for.

S.A.L. wrote:
Evan's in Marblehead.

D.D. wrote:
Michael's was a big disappointment. Rubins on Harvard St in much better. Arthurs in Chelsea is also good.

@dforrest88 wrote:
@DoylesCafe hands down

@asgoodsp wrote:
Sam Lagrassa's !

Seth M. wrote:
Michaels Deli
Coolidge Corner Brookline

Tom C. wrote:
Fressers Deli Randolph

Renee H. wrote:
Also not a fan. Inna's in Newton is the real deal.

Chantelle M. wrote:
Mike's in Brookline

Kenny J. wrote:

William T. wrote:

Jay wrote:
Moody's Delicatessen & Provisions in Waltham has the best corned beef (and pastrami) not just in Greater Boston, but in all of New England, at least. Inna's Kitchen in Newton does a very respectable gray corned beef with no nitrates/nitrites, though their pastrami can't be recommended. And, of course, Sam LaGrassa's corned beef and pastrami are both very good.

Paul A wrote:
Tip Tap Room. When available

C.A. wrote:
Magouns in Somerville

BM wrote:
Maxie's deli Stoughton

brian wrote:
Freshers in randolph

Janice wrote:
Barry's in Waban is terrific!

James W wrote:
Copperhouse Tavern in Waltham has a great reuben. Met Bar used to have a great reuben but they took it off the menu, clearly a mistake. Blackie's Bulldog Tavern has the best in RI.

M.D.G. wrote:
Weintraubs in Worcester
Michaels in Brookline
King Deli in Tewksbury

Michael G. wrote:
Random but the Fours is great

Jessica B. wrote:
Fressers in Randolph

William E. wrote:

Jen P. P. wrote:
Michael's Deli!

Bruce G. wrote:
Sam LaGrassa's

Patrick wrote:
Evans in Marblehead !

Quibb wrote:
Irish Cottage, Methuen


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