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Is the Creek House Diner in Bethel, VT, Any Good?

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I drove past an interesting-looking place yesterday as we were heading toward Barnard and Woodstock, VT. It was called the Creek House Diner, and it was packed (it was around lunchtime when we drove by it). Has anyone been? It looks like a classic roadside spot for food; we would have tried it, but we had eaten a late breakfast. [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 10/1/07 by hiddenboston)


mal wrote:
They have the best breakfast in the area.
(Posted on 11/22/07)

PJ wrote:
The Creek House is great for burgers and sandwiches. They usually have pretty good specials as well!
(Posted on 2/12/08)

Erin B wrote:
The service is great. The owner Ginger is a gem. Food is lovely "All American" comfort food, plus some neat new dishes thrown in. Summer garden veggie pasta was incredible. Their chef is a nice guy and very creative with dishes.
(Posted on 10/11/08)

AM wrote:
Very good food; the food is seasoned perfectly. Homemade egg salad is spectacular.
(Posted on 4/22/09)

RAB wrote:
I worked there, and it's pretty good. Tip the waitresses well, they don't get paid much lol.
(Posted on 6/18/09)

JFF wrote:
Went there tonight for a maple creemie and it was ok but the young lady waiting on us at the window was less than friendly. We won't be back.
(Posted on 8/13/09)

JEC wrote:
The Burgers are is hit or miss on the other food...the maple creamies are amazing but the window service is not good at all...although the waitresses inside ROCK!
(Posted on 1/4/10)

JDP wrote:
I live here, so I have a little story to share. In 2008 (if I remember correctly) we had the now famous Valentine's Day Blizzard. As it happened, that was the new Creek House Diner's opening day. They were pretty worried that no one would show up. Instead, the whole world showed up! The parking lot was full of both cars and snow. It's located at the just the right spot when you're ready for lunch or an ice cream cone. Also, it's across the road from an independent gas station with consistently the lowest prices around. The spot is an interesting one historically, also. "Locust Creek" was actually named "Locus Creek" (no t) as it was an early mapping point for colonial surveyors. Up Route 12 toward Barnard, several farmers were plucked from the fields by raiding parties in 1780, the year of the Royalton Raid, where Indian warriors were enlisted by British officers to take revenge on the murder of an officer by colonial captives in Montreal. A stone marker at the edge of a field commemorates the capture of Timothy Newton and his neighbors. (They were released in a captive exchange.) The Revolutionary War officially ended the next year.
(Posted on 3/22/10)

McG wrote:
Thanks JDP. I didn't know that about the Revolutionary War. Very cool bit of VT History!
(Posted on 6/8/10)

PKV wrote:
What's not to love? Home-made, generously portioned dishes, beer and wine, open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the real maple creamie soft serve is to die for! Oh, and they have sweet potato fries, which are my absolute favorite.
(Posted on 7/25/10)

DL wrote:
Last time I went to Creek House, must say I have had much better elsewhere.
(Posted on 9/14/11)

Flit wrote:
Very good food at very reasonable prices
(Posted on 5/5/12)

Kris wrote:
I'm a local and love to go there! Food is great and plentiful with the best prices found. Good specials too.
(Posted on 11/22/12)


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