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Best Croissants in the Boston Area?

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Where do you like to go for the best croissants in the Boston area? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 6/3/14):

@kalunlee wrote:
I do not care for the ones at the Buttery-they don't have the dense texture I crave. I also find them a bit dry. South End Formaggio down the street has tastier ones. I also love the ones made by Canto 6 in JP. Canto 6's are delicious.

Chrissy wrote:
Try Temptations on Huntington Ave By Northeastern and the YMCA. They're homemade and delicious!

Megan wrote:

Laura wrote:
The best croissants I've had in the area are from Quebrada Bakery in Arlington. They are buttery and flaky and not too dense. If you go early you might get one fresh out of the oven, as they are baked daily.

MES wrote:
Tatte in Brookline has the best.

ab wrote:
There is a new bakery in Dedham called La Luce. Their croissants, ham&cheese and plain are to die for!! Hoping they will add almond. They also have chocolate.

Frank wrote:
Strange as it may be, the best croissants - at least pain au chocolat I've had in the area have been at Pret au Manger. They are always warm and almost perfect.

Frederick W. wrote:
Thinking Cup, North End location is preferred since the one on Tremont is always too crowded.

Catherine P. wrote:
Quebrada Baking Co.

Laurin S. wrote:
It's the real deal at Tatte.

Jacqueline B. wrote:

Carl C. wrote:
Not sure if they actually make it but at cafe dellosport in the north end has some great ones

mra wrote:
Canto 6 in JP far and away.

Renee M. wrote:
A & J King in Salem. Well worth the trip.

Dan D. wrote:
South end Buttery

Tanya W. wrote:
I'll second Clear Flour Bakery, though I am taking notes on some of these other places!

Maria P. S. wrote:
Clear Flour Bakery in Brookline.

Betsy K. wrote:
Chocolee on Dartmouth St. in the South End. Not to mention all her other fabulous pastries. Not to be missed.

Nicole C. wrote:
Blue Frog Bakery in JP

@atusaMPH wrote:
Cafe Vanille on Charles St. and Bread+Butter on Cross St.

@martinclinton wrote:
Clear Flour

Sandi M. wrote:
Clear Flour, Japonaise, Blue Frog are faves!

Albert R. wrote:
Flour - South End

kathy h wrote:
Cafe vanille on Charles street.

Amanda wrote:
Swissbaker in Allston and Reading have great croissants.

Nicole L wrote:
Another vote for Quebrada in Arlington! My husband grew up in France and they pass his very high standards.


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