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What Restaurant Has the Best Cubano in the Boston Area?

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Is there a restaurant in the Boston area that makes a particularly good Cuban sandwich, or Cubano? What ingredients does the restaurant use - roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, peppers, mustard, pickles? What kind of bread is used? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 8/13/09 by hiddenboston)


SMT wrote:
Chez Henri in Cambridge.
(Posted on 8/13/09)

MC Slim JB wrote:
El Oriental de Cuba, JP (my favorite traditional version in town)
The Plough and Stars, Cambridge (lunch only)
Volle Nolle, North End
El Tiante, Fenway Park (in season)
Miami Cafe, JP
The Cubano at Chez Henri (bar only) is indeed extraordinary, but it is a gourmet version, not traditional, and quite huge. (It costs $14.) They also do a vegetarian version that is actually excellent.
The pork chimi at Alex's Chimis in JP is not a Cubano, but a Dominican sandwich that is similar, and quite delicious.
(Posted on 10/13/09)

SED wrote:
All Star Sandwich Bar.
(Posted on 4/26/10)

BD wrote:
El Oriental. Hands Down.
(Posted on 4/26/10)

JH wrote:
Oriental De Cuba in JP. yum.
(Posted on 4/26/10)

Christopher Tatro wrote:
Mike & Patty's in Bay Village.
(Posted on 4/26/10)

waddlers wrote:
El Oriental de Cuba is the real deal.
Also the Miami place across the street is pretty damn good. JP is the HOME of the Cuban.
(Posted on 4/26/10)

BJ Ray wrote:
Not even a question: Oriental de Cuba first, Chez Henri second, although a cubano at Chez Henri will cost you twice as much.
(Posted on 4/26/10)

Sonsie on Newbury.... served with a side of plantains chips... duh! ;)
(Posted on 7/13/10)

Jared wrote:
Check out the cuban at Garden At The Cellar on Mass Ave between Central and Harvard. Comes with ridiculous rosemary-truffle fries...
(Posted on 7/13/10)

Jon B wrote:
WICHIT in Lawrence.
(Posted on 7/13/10)

jae wrote:
(Posted on 7/13/10)

Brian wrote:
Chez Henri. Mojito, please and maybe a side order of empanadas. :) By far the best cubano in the area and one of the best in the states.
(Posted on 7/13/10)

Dana wrote:
Sorelle (two locations in Charlestown) makes an awesome Cubano.
(Posted on 7/13/10)

RB wrote:
Without doubt, Chez Henri.
(Posted on 7/14/10)


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