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Favorite Duck Dishes in the Boston Area?

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What restaurants do you like to go to for duck in the Boston area? How do they prepare it? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 4/15/10 by hiddenboston)


Scratchie wrote:
Just had the tea-smoked crispy duck at Shangri-la in Belmont for the first time and it was exquisite!
(Posted on 4/15/10)

Chico wrote:
Delfino's in Roslindale has the most amazing duck! Go to Delfino's!
(Posted on 4/15/10)

EA wrote:
Go to Solea in Waltham and get the roasted duck in berry sauce tapas plate. It is the best thing there and everyone I bring there loves it. It is delicious!
(Posted on 11/22/10)

Tne Red Menace wrote:
Duck tamales at Chez Henri!
(Posted on 11/22/10)

SL wrote:
Signature Hoisin and Honey Glazed Duck Confit, sweet sticky rice, mango, cashews, young coconut milk from Gargoyles in Davis Square....amazing!
(Posted on 11/22/10)

FLA wrote:
Ducks should be swimming in ponds, not raised in cages for food.
(Posted on 11/24/10)


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