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Independent Family-Friendly Restaurants in the Boston Area?

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What are some of your favorite family-friendly restaurants in and around Boston that aren't chains? What dishes do you like to get at them? [Go here to post a reply.]
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MG wrote:
The S&S Deli and Restaurant is definitely a family friendly spot. Pretty wide menu of comfort foods and classics.

yg wrote:
Sunny boy

Julie K. wrote:
La Q chara, Fusion Taste, The RR Track Melrose, Cielito Lindo and of course...... VILLA MEXICO CAFE

Mary S. wrote:
Full Moon in Huron Village is more than just family friendly it's family focused with a play area. Life Alive in Central Sq has a play area too. The Summer Shack (Alewife). S&S, Christopher's, and I look forward to reading about others!

Patrick S. wrote:
Little bit of a distance but George's in Farmington CT is a favorite. Greek family with Classic Italian menu
Anti Catering in Belmont just added inside seating (was primarily takeout) really good food. Dad and son run it. Great Swarma and really good fries
Not a chain in the true sense but the Nocera family and Chateau! Some of the best chix pram, side salad, bread, toasted RAV. Waltham location best bet

Mary S. wrote:
Oh, that reminds me, Greek Corner! Although we do takeout so often from there we rarely eat in.

Jennifer M. wrote:
The Slumbrew place in Assembly Square is awesome (can't remember the name) and while it's crowded, Saus in Faneuil Hall is really accommodating with our toddler. They've come out and asked people to squish over for us, brought out small snacks for her, etc.

Ethan M. wrote:
peach farm always have families. asians mostly

Matthew T. wrote:
Foley's in Stoughton is a great place--excellent service, great food, friendly staff, and there are always multigenerational families in there!

Felicia M. wrote:
Village Pancake House in Rowley is a great breakfast place for families.

Kristine M. M. wrote:
Cabot's and Paddy's - both in Newton. Zaftigs. Deluxe Station/Deluxe Town Diner. Sweet Cheeks near Fenway. Off the top of my head, they're all accommodating to kids. I will think of more...

Gigi S. wrote:
All American sandwich shop
Ss deli
Black horse tavern

Leah K. wrote:
Full Moon, Kirkland Tap & Trotter, mini chain Papa Razzi, Picco, Little q hot pot, it kind depends on the family- Isabelle adds- Hi Rise, Sarah's Market, Commonwealth, Bronwyn's (because who needs anything more than a pretzel and Maine soda?- which is what they will eat Monday and a side of schmaltz roasted potatoes)
Henrietta's table

Rick K. wrote:
Johnnys in Newton Centre and Cabots in Newtonville.

lynn K. wrote:
Captain Marden's Seafood - Wellesley

todd g wrote:
besito Mexican in the chestnut hill mall in newton is amazing. It's a beautiful white table cloth place, they make guacamole table side, awesome food and they treat out 3 year old so well - sliced avocado and banana while we wait, great kids menu, great experience and we've been back already!

tadow wrote:
Alfredo's in Quincy

Paula M. wrote:
Brookline Lunch in Cambridge in Central Square

Victor C. wrote:
Helen's in Concord Center. It's been there since the Pilgrims landed. Good comfort food and some surprisingly good Southwest-influenced items too. Friendly service. Ice cream. Lime rickies.

mbj wrote:
Friendlys in Pembroke


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