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Best Fish and Chips in the Boston Area?

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Who do you think has the best fish and chips in the Boston area? Any traditional ones from Irish pubs, or favorites from seafood shacks? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

EB wrote:
Matt Murphy's are amazing. Wrapped in newspaper and served with vinegar and homemade ketchup!

BT wrote:
The Green Briar on Washington St. in Brighton seves delicous, authentic fish and chips. And yes, there is a bottle of malt vinegar on every table!

Tina S wrote:
Hopefully they still have them on the menu, but Woody's Grill and Tap on Hemenway (Northeastern U. territory) had AMAZING fish and chips when I used to live around the corner.

Kimberly P wrote:
The Druid in Inman Square.

JN wrote:
Green Briar is good.

BT wrote:
I second Matt Murphy's .. their tartar sauce is great too.

Gazza wrote:
Paddy's Pub in Newton. Lil pricey but real good.

Rich D wrote:
Matt Murphy's is great, though it's cod. So is Yankee Lobster Fish Market. Their haddock plate is amazing; the regular fish and chips, not so much.

DN wrote:
Mmm Porters Bar & Grill near the TD Garden has a great beer batter (Harpoon I think) and the fries are awesome too.

Francis wrote:
Carroll's in Medford Square. The fish is always fresh and batter is crisp but lighter than most which is not easy to do.

RL wrote:
Clam Box in Quincy

Dan McCarthy wrote:
The Talk Restaurant in Watertown

emd wrote:
The Lobster Pot in Wareham has the best fish and chips!

Bob C. wrote:
The Lobster Barn in Abington! Everything they serve is awesome!!

LS wrote:
Belle isle seafood

TC wrote:
Captain mardens, dry dock cafe, bell isle in no particular order

cj wrote:
The Phoenix Restaurant, Fairhaven MA served only on Friday nights

Paul M. wrote:
Summer Shack makes great fish and chips.

Esther B. wrote:
Bubbling brook in Westwood; also Inn at Bay Pointe Quincy

lj wrote:
Seaport grille Gloucester!!!

KRM wrote:
The Druid in Inman Sq, Cambridge


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