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Best French Fries in the Boston Area?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

Which restaurants have the best French fries in or around Boston? How are they prepared? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Calli wrote:
Saus (especially if you dip them in Samurai Saus!) and The Publick House.

Curtis Mello wrote:
The Gorgonzola fries at Deep Ellum in Allston are hands down the best freaking fries you will ever eat in your lifetime and they're only $6.... #foodgasm

mlt wrote:
Clovers rosemary are bomb. The Abbey in Brookline has so mean truffle fries.

anonymous wrote:
South End Buttery Parmesan Truffle Fries

_Mark_ wrote:
Aceituna (Kendall Square-ish, Cambridge) has really good basic fries in their lunch combo...

the genius wrote:
Halfway Cafe - handcut- well done

MMmmm Pizza wrote:
Fat Cat's fries are awesome!

Stewart M. wrote:
Before they closed, Cafe Brazil. Now, Saus and Brasserie Jo.

Charlie wrote:
Aka bistro

Paul B. wrote:

EBH wrote:
My house!
Bacon wrapped handcut secret seasoned fries on the grill!
Only for special occasions
Beat that!

MPL wrote:
Aunt Carries - Narragansett

Kimberly C. wrote:
All Star Sandwich

@misslawin wrote:
jm curleys better be on there! #yumadum

@JimDunna wrote:

@murraymaker wrote:
Kelly's if you count their bacon cheese fries

Frederick W. wrote:
Saus - frites in the Belgian style with more than 30 house made dipping sauces including a fantastic aioli.
Kelley's Square Pub - thick cut gargantuan steak fries always served piping hot, crispy exterior, creamy and smooth on the inside.
Kingston Station - reliably excellent herbed fries in the same style as any of our superb brasseries but much cheaper. 

Bill R wrote:
Beerworks French Fries well done are awesome!

SD wrote:
Roxy's grilled cheese food truck

MM wrote:
Mooo...& Roxy's Grilled Cheese! Also Publick House, their dipping sauces rock.

Cameron R. wrote:
The Publick House in Brookline! Try their Monk Frites, which are hand-cut, seasoned w/sea salt & pepper. There are 6 different dipping sauces you can choose 2 from(truffle ketchup, creamy beer mustard, garlic-asiago mayo, chipotle mayo, bacon horseradish aioli, and apricot IPA BBQ). So good!

sjt wrote:
The rosemary "chips" at Figaro's Revere Beach. Yum!

Brian B wrote:
Hands down The friendly toast in Cambridge. Get the cheese fries. 'bleu & provolone melted on French fries with a strawberry-habanero dipping sauce'. They're unreal.

@planningminion wrote:
Roxy's Grilled Cheese Food Truck

@HashtagJimmy wrote:
Deep Ellum in Allston

@pcoop11 wrote:
@pcoop11franklin cafe, ashmont grille, and Dbar

Erik H wrote:
Russell house

pj wrote:
bruschetta fries from Boston burger co :o so goooood!

ect wrote:
Saus and Roxy's

Ramon wrote:
Saus. Without question.

El Felipe wrote:
Big Dig Waffle Fries at The Times. Imagine a hot plate of waffle fries smothered in melted cheese, bacon bits, sour cream and scallions. It's among the guiltiest of guilty pleasures.

PF wrote:
Griddler's Burgers & Dogs
Boylston St. And Cambridge St.
They do the waffle fries with the best seasoning you'll find anywhere in the city. Try them. Huge portions too. Its amazing!

Jarrod G wrote:
Beer works chive fries. So good!

SZ Donut Boy wrote:
Halfway Cafe #1

donna wrote:
Harvard Gardens fries with truffle oil.

Erika W. wrote:
Saus, hands down. They're delicious alone, and amazing with their sauces or as poutine. Mmm

greeb wrote:
Wild Willy's!

Nicole S. wrote:
I love Saus!

@pmtomaino wrote:
R.F. O'Sullivan's

@riptor wrote:
@Saus_Boston without question. Runner up is @thepublickhouse

@VinnieTesla wrote:
@cloverfoodlab has some damn fine fries. The new Rosebud in Davis Sq is also very good

EB wrote:
Figaro's Cajun Fries with Aoili sauce


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