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Boston-Area Restaurants with Good Garlic Bread?

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What restaurants in the Boston area have some of the best garlic bread you've had? Any old-fashioned Italian restaurants have a good version of it? How about more upscale places? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Chickenbrocandziti wrote:
East Coast Grill and Giacamo's.

LD wrote:
Greg's Restaurant in Watertown, MA.

kc wrote:
Chateau in Norwood is pretty good (got to have cheese on it!).

Ann wrote:
Pesto Bread at Cinderella's in Cambridge.

john wrote:
Il pasto and east coast grill

@Katiekakes wrote:
Comellas !

@Eric_Twardzik wrote:
shout out to @parlaboston for straight up pureeing garlic bread

Frederick W. wrote:

ConMartin wrote:
Old Havana in JP has yummy garlic bread; served as complimentary appetizer with sandwiches/burgers.

tmw wrote:
bacci's stoneham

@BOSFoodTours wrote:
@LuccaBoston ... Mozzarella and Garlic Bread = crack! #ThatGood

@Potito21 wrote:
garlic knots at The Salty Pig, available only on Sunday "Red Sauce" dinner menu cc: @saltypigboston

@silvertacos wrote:
The Chapaquoit Grill in West Falmouth. The most amazing garlic bread in the WORLD.

Tom wrote:
Italian Express, East Boston

shanahan wrote:
chateau in Waltham, MA.

RS wrote:

@muscman70 wrote:
by far @ItalianExpress #EastBoston has fantastic Garlic bread


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