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Questions and Answers >> Hidden Restaurants -- Specific Topics >> Info on Grandma Frisbees in Londonderry, VT?

Info on Grandma Frisbees in Londonderry, VT?

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We were in Vermont last weekend, driving east from Londonderry to Chester after a stop at the Vermont Country Store in Weston, and we noticed a cozy-looking restaurant on the side of Route 11 near Magic Mountain called Grandma Frisbees. After doing a search online and coming up with nothing, now I'm really curious about the place. Has anyone been? What kind of food do they have there? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 10/15/08 by hiddenboston)


Sheryl wrote:
We ate at this place about a week ago. It was by far the worst service that I have ever had. We waited an hour and a half for our food with 2 crabby waitresses. People all around us were unhappy and complaining. I will never go back there again!
(Posted on 1/6/09)

rob t wrote:
My family had a house on Stratton Mtn for years and we used to go here often. This place has been around forever and the pizza has always been amazing. But the service has been going downhill ever since Magic went under. I remember smiling happy waitresses when I was a kid. Now everyone in there is miserable. Pizza is still good though. :)
(Posted on 3/6/09)

Irwin Ronson wrote:
We just ate there, Aug. 17th, Monday. Wonderfully air conditioned. Service was fast and VERY pleasant. Food was terrific.
We recommend it.
(Posted on 8/18/09)

Dan L wrote:
I was just on a solo bicycle trip and stopped for a sandwich and coffee there on a cold afternoon. I found it to be a charming little local family-style restaurant and the food was great - fresh-baked bread and friendly service. I recommend!
(Posted on 10/21/09)

V. wrote:
Used to go here all the time as a kid. It's really nice. The sandwiches are great, and so is the Pizza. Service is iffy depending on the night, but you don't go to restaurants to get in and get out. If you go in expecting to have a nice night out, you'll get it. Spring for the hot apple rings for dessert. Decadence at its finest.
(Posted on 1/9/10)

Gary A. wrote:
I've been going to Grandma Frisbees for years. I love it! Bob the owner and chef is the coolest guy you could ever meet. And the food is great! If you ever wait there it is because there busy. It is worth the wait! And the waitresses are hotties! Especially Carolin! Great place for family!
(Posted on 1/12/10)

Q wrote:
Our family has been going to Gram'ma's for over 20 years and love it! The club sub is a family favorite - the bread is delicious. Can't go wrong with the potato skins! And the apple crisp is a must! The kids enjoy playing in the game room, while we enjoy watching the games on tv. It's comfy and down home. It's a relaxed atmosphere and the service is just fine. And they're always "open for lunch" by the sign that's always out front :-)
(Posted on 5/4/10)

Marci F wrote:
We have been to Grandma Frisbee's several times. The service is always excellent, the food is very good and good portions. Any time we have been there the people around us have been very pleased also. Prompt service, quality food, that's Grandma Frisbee's.
(Posted on 5/22/10)

Bob wrote:
Like some others, we've been going to Granma Frisby's for longer than I can remember. Bob has more personality than he knows what to do with and will always make you feel welcome. Get to know him a little and he'll unleash his dry wit on you. Waitresses are awesome, except perhaps when they get really busy and overwhelmed. As far as the food, there are things they do better than others, but certainly things they do exceptionally well. It ain't fine dining, but you'll get a good meal at a good price, and you'll enjoy yourself. A good old fashioned Vermont eatery.
(Posted on 7/25/10)

Ben M wrote:
Great food! Huge portions for the right price! Owner is a gem! If you are hungry, you will leave stuffed!
(Posted on 8/30/10)

EF wrote:
I have known Bob, the owner, et Chef for years when I used to live on Stratton Mountain. I read all the other comments from others - my take is, those who wrote negative comments, were likely 'the rich tourists' demanding their 'gold plated services' - where as Grandma Frisbys is 'not' that kinda place. (Et I am 'no' local - I grew up in Brooklyn Heights, and lived full time in Stratton from 1990 on - yet, I do 'not' have the 'annoying new yorker demand' in me, like those who likely complained about something at this great restaurant. You must understand, since the economic decline, Bob et his great food et place has had it hard too, with not as many people coming up due to money et or snow troubles (lack there of , snow etc...) But if you sincerely, want good food, then this is the place to go to. When it is busy, et 'not' a holiday time of year, there may be a 'wait' since Bob often is alone. But if it is seasonal et vacation time, its more so bz with more help... So, ignore all the 'negative comments' - this place is VERY good. The prices may be a little steep, but, perhaps it's the area too. The Fries are awesome, and he loads your plate with awesome spaghetti too, every Wed night with 'all you can eat spaghetti'! It's such a 'homey' place, that when its not crowded, and if you want to add something else to your order, Bob is the kind of guy who does not mind, if you pop your head in thru the kitchen door, to say: "hey, bob, can i have another order of fries please" :0) he will be glad to make them! If you wanna feel like home, while in Vermont, go to Grandma Frisbys, its all good! :0)
(Posted on 9/29/10)

April and Zach wrote:
Stopped in late when we couldn't find anything else open- and we were glad we did! Our server/chef (the owner assumedly?) was funny and quirky, whipped us up some eats double time, and we had the best reuben and burger we've had! I recommend it if you are in the area!
(Posted on 5/13/11)

Magic Mountain wrote:
We've been on Magic for 40 years. Grandma Frisbees it was you think it is, ok pizza, food and beers. Not bad and not great, it's fine if you want to fill up. Frank Pepe or Lombardi's it's not.
(Posted on 11/5/11)

Dandy family wrote:
We were looking for a place to eat, stopped at the Garden Restaurant, nobody even came to seat us even though it was open, so glad we found Grandma Frisbees, we absolutely loved the place, the owner/chef made a custom burger for me with bacon. We had fast service, great food, and would go back again in a minute. To Bad it's so far away from us. Lively discussion with the owner, made our dining experience fun. 1/29/2012
(Posted on 1/30/12)

Anne wrote:
First found Grandma Frisbees by accident, hungry for food, tired and a long away from home just looking for a place to eat. We were pleasant surprised. That was over 23 years ago and just recently I had the pleasure of bring my friend visiting me from Australia to Grandma Frisbees. She went back home and is still talking about how much she enjoyed the food the fun we had there and even though it took us 3 hours to get there do it again in a heart beat please stay open and don't shut your doors, my kids are now going there too a second generation is now starting.
(Posted on 3/19/12)

flatlander joe wrote:
Been going to frisbees every year we hunt in Vermont. I like college ball and I like eating, bob always has a game on and his food is always on point too. We've always had the same waitress and she has always been pleasant. If you hunt tell her and she will give you the 411 on the area as her husband and son both hunt.
(Posted on 8/6/12)

mac the lad wrote:
This place is a filthy dump and is now closed, hopefully it was closed by the health department! It should have been closed years ago! It's a wonder no one ever got really sick and the waitress was a complete downer, always complaining.
(Posted on 9/4/12)


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