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Where to Go in the Boston Area for Greek Pizza?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

Where are some places to get a good Greek pizza in the Boston area? Or perhaps you're not a fan of this kind of pizza? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 5/8/14):

AG wrote:
Land of Pizza in South Boston.

meg wrote:
Definitely Crow Point Pizza in Hingham!

sh wrote:
Micheal's and Gregory's in Belmont!

cg wrote:
Andrea's in Winchester.

Boston's Best wrote:
Christo's Pizza in West Roxbury is amazing!

SA wrote:
Christo's Pizza in West Roxbury ALL THE WAY. Insanely good Greek pizza!

RP wrote:
Brighton House of Pizza, Market St

jim wrote:
D & A Pizza in Newton!

JP wrote:
A&N in West Roxbury/Roslindale, best in Boston!

mb wrote:
Land of Pizza, Southie

Chris M. wrote:
Michael's Pizza in Belmont

Chris G. wrote:
Andrea's in Winchester! Also, a Greek style pizza you can get at Mario's Italian Restaurant in Lexington, surprisingly. Very Good.

Kate wrote:
Marblehead House of Pizza. Not a shred of mozzarella. So crispy and delicious.

Cayla B wrote:
D and A pizza in Newton!


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