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Restaurants or Sub Shops with Good Gyros?

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Where might a gyro lover go in the Boston area to find a good version of this Greek dish? What kind of meat is used in the sandwich? What are some of the other ingredients that the gyro comes with? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 8/3/09 by hiddenboston)


@jayohaetchenn wrote:
Greek Corner, on Mass Ave near Porter Sq. My favorite for sure.
(Posted on 8/3/09)

VV wrote:
Cafe Jaffa - secret ingredient - Pickles!!!
(Posted on 8/3/09)

Joy wrote:
The new Greek place, Zo, across from the Courthouse near Gov't Center is amazing!
(Posted on 8/3/09)

PMK wrote:
Greek Corner.
(Posted on 8/3/09)

MC Slim JB wrote:
Farm Grill in Newton, Zo near Government Center (real pork gyros, a rarity!), Brookline Family Restaurant in Brokline Village (which is actually Turkish doner kebab, but close enough).
Billy's Sub Shop in the South End does the pre-formed cone of ground lamb/beef gyros, nothing special meat-wise, but everything else on the sandwich is fresh and good.
(Posted on 10/4/09)

anonymous wrote:
Steve's Greek on Newbury Street used to be my favorite gyro-joint.
(Posted on 11/30/10)


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