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Italian Restaurants in the Boston Area with the Best House-Made Tomato Sauce?

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Which Italian restaurants in Boston have what you consider to be the best house-made tomato sauce? What makes their sauces better than others? Do they have meat in them or are they meatless? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

Queenie wrote:
Rino's Place, East Boston, MA.

Cara wrote:
Dante in Cambridge.

Matt wrote:
I'm a big fan of Fiorella's in Newton.

de wrote:
Vinny's at Night, in East Somerville - best Italian around, including several North End restaurants.

Ben wrote:
Seconding Fiorella's

greygarious wrote:
Cafe Luigi, Bedford. Tastes like a slow-cooked homemade sauce.

Dan wrote:
Kelley square pub

JR wrote:
giacomo's south end!

SF wrote:
fiorella's Newton

Scott wrote:
The arrabiata at D'Parma Winthrop.
Rino's Place in Eastie.
Da Vinci in Back Bay

Chrissy L. wrote:
I could drink pleasant cafe's sauce. I order pints to go.

Buster M. wrote:
Love the Pleasant as well. It is pissah!

Rich S. wrote:
Fiorella's in Newton. If they put it in a glass, I'd drink it.

Ken O. wrote:
Teresa's in Middleton is great!

@camozzi_joe wrote:
Sweet Basil in Needham.

Jack wrote:
Bocelli's in Medford

Marty F. wrote:
Thrilled everyone named the contenders for 2nd place, the absolute best OMG true Italian Gravy belongs to the best Italian Restaurant in the North End, drumroll. ... Ricardo's. Manga Manga


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