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Favorite Hot Dog Stand in New England?

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What do you consider to be the best hot dog stand in New England? Are there any favorites that you go back to as often as possible? Two of my favorites are Al's Hot Dog Stand in Naugatuck, CT, and Simco's in Mattapan. I also like George's Coney Island in Worcester, but they don't have outdoor dining (unless you sit on the curb out front). [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

EA wrote:
Definitely Flo's in Cape Neddick, ME - mentioned already by someone else. Flo is known for being like the "soup nazi," but her kids may be running it now - order quickly or move along!

Gabe wrote:
Flo's, the best! the relish is the secret, now available at specialty grocery stores.

LB wrote:
Flo's on Route One in Cape Neddick, ME for sure! Mayo, celery salt and Flo Sauce!!! YUM!!!

LAC wrote:
There are a lot of good hot dog stands out there but I will drive miles for a Sausage, onions and peppers from Brian's Father's Hot Dogs in Andover Center. His hot dogs are outstanding too.

AD wrote:
Graham's Fall River. Coney Island dogs.

kathy k wrote:
Flos for sure. Never had anything like them. When we first went we were amazed that people were ordering a minimum of 6-12 an order, Then we tasted why!!

Jdogg wrote:
Kellys on the beach!

TBJ wrote:
Hot Dog Annie's!!!

DB wrote:
Snappy Dogs in Hopkinton

Sarah o. wrote:
Wasses in Rockland, Maine.

Leah wrote:
Capitol Lunch in New Britain, CT.

lt wrote:

Robert Winters wrote:
Casey's in Natick. "I'll take two, all around."

CF wrote:

Layla wrote:
Nick's Coney Island Hot Dogs in Fall River. A local treasure!

David Hep wrote:
Top Dog in Rockport!

KM wrote:
Fred's Franks, Wakefield. Cooked over hardwood charcoal and apple wood, all made to order. Nice guy too!

mepace wrote:
Pace Hot Dogs in Weston, Ma! Best dogs with the best deals!!

Digirati Studios wrote:
Janet's Hot Dogs - stationary food truck.

sean wrote:
In Providence. Olneyville NY System Weiner

EAF wrote:
Caseys diner in Natick! Fantastic old school diner. Order 2 All Arounds.

Gail wrote:
The Lower Depths in kenmore has great $1 hot dogs, grilled buns, and lots of topping options.

JB wrote:
Frates Drive-in in Taunton MA has ridonculous hot dogs. Its gotta be the grilled hot dog roll.

cn wrote:
Ed's Weenies in Littleton!!!!

David Froment wrote:
Can't believe that no one has mentioned Yank's Franks in Wells, ME! If Julia Child had a hot dog stand this would be it!!!

NES wrote:
Windy City Eats in Weymouth, MA. Chicago-style with the neon green relish and poppy seed rolls. Outstanding!

DLD wrote:
Gotta be Hot Dog Annie's in Leicester, Mass.

RP wrote:
Freds Franks in Wakefield. Pearl hotdogs, chourizo, linguica and the Schnurble!

ar wrote:
Al's French Fries - South Burlington VT. Institution.

ULT wrote:
Chez Lenard's on Main Street, Ridgefield CT

Eric wrote:
Tex Barry's, Attleboro, MA. This is the only acceptable answer.

engine wrote:

Renee wrote:
Dunton's Dogs in Boothbay Harbor, Maine!

DG wrote:
Jack's Hot Dog Stand
No question!
North Adams MA

JB wrote:
Let's not forget George's Coney Island in Worcester!

TW wrote:
Simco's. By the bridge!

Phil wrote:
Boston Cafe in Gov't Center.

JAC wrote:
Hot Dog Annie's Leicester Ma. Back in the day 12 for a buck.

chef steele wrote:

WSA wrote:
I miss Speed's Hot dog Cart in Roxbury

ca wrote:
Freds Franks in Wakefield. Cooked over charcoal, the schnurble is the best!

Kevin D. wrote:
simco on the hill....foot long and kevlar best
TOP DOG in Rockport too
When we were kids my dad used to take us to Simco's and get a grilled hot dog on griddled foot long roll. We would watch the Neon sign... Dog wagging his tail.Down route one we would go to Fontaines with the Neon Chicken waving his wing. ahh...Olde Boston!

Rick S. wrote:
It begins and ends with Casey's Diner in Natick. Not only do they taste amazing but they are really inexpensive.

Cheryl B. wrote:
Casey's Diner in Natick!

Richard B. wrote:
I'm a little frightened at how many of these dog joints I have eaten at over the years. Flo's is still the best, with onion sauce, a little mayo and a dusting of celery salt, please. While sitting outside, nursing a beer in a bag, watching a line of from-aways in brand-new stuff from Bean's, trying to look like locals.

Albert B. wrote:
My favorite is New York Lunch on Main St. in Woonsocket, RI.

CFG wrote:
New England is a hot dog stand wasteland. Nothing like the Chicago haunts or Pink's in LA. If you're on the cape, try The Dog Shack in Dennisport. They do an excellent job.

Bill C wrote:
Puppy Love in Concord NH.

Bill E. wrote:
George's in Worcester, MA
Glenwood in Hamden, CT
Sandy's Drive-In in Sharon VT
Teo's in Pittsfield, MA
Doogies in Newington, CT
CFG....been to both need to get out more...other than Pinks LA has nothing....Chicago does have good dogs when they're Vienna products....nothing compares to NJ though.

Jay wrote:
Something I've always wondered about Casey's: will asking them to throw a dog on the flattop get you the boot? I can't stand steamed/boiled hot dogs--they're a tragedy and a waste.

Jay wrote:
If you miss Speed's, make a pilgrimage to Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit, a hot dog trailer in Mendon. Larry Joe apprenticed under Speed and will tell you the origins of the Speed Dog. He marinates and grills the some amazing dogs, topped with condiments he makes. If you're lucky, he'll even serenade you, accompanying himself on keyboard. Other than Larry Joe's check out Snappy Dogs in Hopkinton, Hot Dog Annie's in Leicester, Blackie's in Cheshire, CT, and Wasses in Rockland, ME.

Mike wrote:
Moore Dogs-Carver, Ma

Bill wrote:
Spike's Junkyard Dogs, Allston

JT wrote:
Casey's in Natick

@Smackadoodles wrote:
Moore Dogs in Carver, Ma

@LLChanana wrote:
No question, @sullydogs on Castle Island in So. Boston. Any given weekend it is jammed packed. And the same for the week.

JR wrote:
Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield CT

SD wrote:
Freds Franks Wakefield. Period.

Bud wrote:
Larry Joe's in Mendon, Ma.
If you liked Boston Speeds you will
love Larry Joe's. Free Entertainment!!!


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