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Favorite Irish Pub in the Boston Area?

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What is your favorite Irish pub in the Greater Boston area? Do you like it for its atmosphere, music, food, drink selection, or a little bit of everything? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

@DuffyMalden wrote:
Got to be @HughONeillsPub!

@JosephVictor81 wrote:
The Druid in Cambridge

rs wrote:
Hugh O'Neill's in Malden. A proper Irish pub with live Irish music every week, Irish breakfast and an authentic look & feel to it.

1veggieatatime wrote:
Emmets Pub!

JL wrote:
Used to be the Burren in Davis, and the Thirsty Scholar in Somerville.. but I have not been to either in a long time.

robyn wrote:
The Druid in Cambridge

TPD wrote:
Banshee Dorchester
Snug Hingham

MH wrote:
The Druid in Inman Sq! The best fish & chips that I have found in Boston!

SLC wrote:
JJ Foley's and the Black Rose.

LG wrote:
O'Leary's in Brookline. Nice neighborhood bar.

mrb wrote:
Brendan Behan in JP.

rc wrote:

Carlala wrote:
Brendan Behans-JP
No TV's

CG wrote:
Hands down the Irish Village on Market St. in Brighton- now that's an Irish Pub!

zach wrote:
Junction in Southie.

hv wrote:
James's Gate

george wrote:
Foleys near South Station or Foleys in the South End. The Druid and the Plough and Stars in Cambridge.

JML wrote:
Matt Murphy's in Brookline Village.

pl wrote:
Finnegans Wake in Walpole!!

jjmcs wrote:
O'Hara's in Newton Highlands

Alaina wrote:
Definitely Mr. Dooley's!! Everyone there is so nice, there are NO tv's and the food is so good! And live music every night!!

meg bean wrote:
Hands down.... The Druid

hatchy wrote:
Solas on Boylston pint of Guinness in Boston! And the craic is mighty!!!

JRo wrote:
Brendan Behan- JP

MC wrote:
Hillside Canton
JJ Foleys
Erie Dorcester
Micky Morgans Sharon

mlg wrote:
Stewarts Pub in Everett!! Owner is from Ireland, great food!

jbd wrote:
Typically frequented Sligos, but PJ Ryan's is also great.

Jody wrote:
"The Black Rose" Boston

PF wrote:
The Tinker's Son in Norwell!

KC wrote:
Green Briar-Brighton

MJL wrote:
PJ Ryans in Teele Square

timincharlestown wrote:
The Druid, Mr. Dooley's,

cheryl wrote:
Durty Nellies, mr Dooley's

SI wrote:
The Burren

Woodrow wrote:
Durty Nelly's near Haymarket

eaj wrote:
Centre Bar - Dorchester

mike b wrote:
Green Dragon Tavern

rhuke wrote:
M.J. O'Connors

Janice W. wrote:
Terry O'Reilly's in Newton Centre!

Jim B. wrote:
James Gate. JP

Larry R. wrote:
Mick Morgans

Beckie H. wrote:
The Olde Magoun Saloon in Somerville. Irish breakfast!

@planningminion wrote:
The Tinkers Son in Norwell

@jasonrichardson wrote:
Dooleys! And for the tourist crowd: black rose.

@mjw51177 wrote:
Durty Nelly's!

pat m. wrote:
Olde Magouns Saloon in Somerville.

Tom wrote:
The Druid Pub Cambridge is hands down the best Irish pub. Best Guinness. Great Ireland feel. Fantastic food and the staff are friendly


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