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Who Makes the Best Lobster Roll in the Boston Area?

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Everyone seems to have their favorite place in the Boston area for lobster rolls. Where can some of the best ones be found in or near Boston? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

Tom M wrote:
Neptune Oyster. Hot buttered lobster roll.

Patricia wrote:
North of Boston try the Lobster Pool. It is on the Gloucester/Rockport line. Fresh lobster - lightly dressed and a lot of lobster.

esp wrote:
Neptune Oyster or Belle Isle: just depends on which side of the tunnel I happen to be.

Michelle wrote:
best lobster roll is at Pauli's in North End. Chunks of lobster meat, lots of it, light mayo and no lettuce on a grilled hot hog bun, and is you are feeling adventurous they have a lobster sub with almost a pound of lobster meat. This has to be the biggest and best lobster roll in Boston!!!

Michele S wrote:
I think Tony's Clam Shop on Wollaston Beach has an outstanding lobster roll. Last time there this summer it was $18; that's the best price for both quantity and quality I've had in the area.

JAM2JBM wrote:
Barking Crab!

Marko M wrote:
Island Creek Oyster Bar. Outstanding Lobster Roll and reasonably priced to boot.

Andrew wrote:
Belle Isle, Belle Isle, Belle Isle...

Brian E wrote:
Kelly's Roast Beef Saugus.

anonymous wrote:
Belle Isle

@CaptSteve wrote:
The Big Kahuna at Joe Fish in North Andover. Had 1 on Sunday.

Patrick G. wrote:
I say Hook in Boston for value. But the marketplace raw bar in Mashpee for the overall win

Cameron R. wrote:
Sullivan's in Southie. I don't know what they put in the lobster meat salad, but it's great. I wouldn't be surprised if it was crack- it's that addictive! Hahahaha!

M. R. wrote:
Woods in Plymouth

@BostonSweetTea wrote:
Neptune Oyster!

@otoro7 wrote:
Belle Isle

Rahul wrote:
Row 34 in the Seaport. Warm buttered lobster roll is outstanding + holds its own against the heavy hitters on the cape, north and south shores. Always a pain in the ass to get a table or bar seat though...

Susan wrote:
My friend says it's Tony's, I need to verify myself this summer!

FM wrote:
Louies Alive and Kicking - Cambridge

Diana wrote:
The Beach Plum in Rye or Portsmouth NH

Kevin M. wrote:
Lobster Pool, but let's see what happens this year.

Drew S. wrote:
I can't really choose between Belle Isle and Row 34, though Neptune and even J Hook make appearances in my dreams that don't go away until I get one. Still, nothing compares to lobster rolls from obscure road- or waterside shacks in Maine that are only known to the locals. We go up every summer and stay with a friend (and her husband) whose parents have a space up in the middle of nowhere, and take our cues from her Dad's constantly updated reviews that he leaves in a binder for guests to look through.

Robby C. wrote:
Belle Isle Seafood

ashley p wrote:
Sesuit harbor cafe in dennis!

Michael C. wrote:
Alive and kicking seafood Cambridge

Paul J. wrote:
Belle Isle in Winthrop!

Susan S. R. wrote:
Lobster Express in Hull.

Pete M. wrote:
Neptune Oyster warm butter Lobster Roll. #Lifechanging

Deb wrote:
Barking Crab

matt wrote:
The Lobster Pot in Wareham.

Melissa wrote:
Neptune Oyster and Row 34

Joe P. wrote:
Pauli's in the North End.

JC wrote:
Parker's Restaurant - buttered brioche roll!!

Matt wrote:
Burke's Seafood in Quincy. Big chunks of lobster in a buttery roll. Not fancy but the best tasting lobster around

sal wrote:
Marina At The Wharf Revere

Elise wrote:
Belle Isle in Winthrop

jw wrote:
In immediate Boston vicinity, Row 34

ED wrote:
I second the Lobster Pot in Wareham!

M.Adams wrote:
Pauli's in North End

jon wrote:
Raw Bar in mashpee/new seabury

Diana B wrote:
Seaport Grill in Gloucester $9.95 every Thursday!

Scott wrote:
Belle Isle

Eddie W. wrote:
Belle Isle hands down

John S. G. wrote:
Charlie's Kitchen, Harvard Square.

Rick S. wrote:
Kelly's RB. !!

Patrick G. wrote:
James hook or the lobster stop in Quincy

Lobster Roll Chronicles wrote:
Here's the best we've found in MA - Louie's Alive & Kicking!

@tokyobrazier wrote:
B & G

@Chase79Chris wrote:
Belle Isle has to take title when you're looking for a traditional lobster roll. The new(ish) dining area is nice as well.

@hbtoasted wrote:
my favorite is Salvador's milk bucket stand in #Dartmouth - lots of meat, very light dressing, cheap.

@Mitsch_andrea wrote:
@BambaraCAMB #delcious #lobster rolls!

@ChowDownUSA wrote:
@NeptuneOyster & @BostoniaPublic!

@phillypott wrote:
check out the lobster roll at the green harbor lobster pound in marshfield. You will not be disappointed.

@bostongal1641 wrote:
Belle Isle in Winthrop.

@truckbuilders wrote:
Pauli's on Salem St. Has the best monster lobster. #lobsterroll @EaterBoston @NotifyBoston #boston

jw wrote:
Row 34 without a doubt

radarjs11 wrote:
Lobster express Hull, nantasket beach ma. two choices, a liddle mayo or Naked. Buttered roll.

Lizzy wrote:
Sesuit Harbor Cafe Dennis MA

bjmG wrote:
Green Harbor Lobster Pound.

AW wrote:
James Hook in town; Belle Isle outside town

Steve O wrote:
Louie's Alive and Kicking in Cambridge. Lobster and Mayo Suck!

DeborahSue Dias wrote:
The Take Out in Norwood, Ma.

Sara wrote:
Kelly's in Revere

Jerzchickinbahston wrote:
Arnolds - Eastham, MA!

Annie wrote:
Sesuit Cafe / East Dennis

Marsha wrote:
Friendly Fisherman, Eastham

cory wrote:
Raw Bar Mashpee/New Seabury, while the largest ever with no fillers and very little mayo, they have been smaller the past few years.

J. Adam wrote:
Lobster Stop in Quincy. Not big, but 2 for less than $20 and the best I've tasted around here. Good value and absolutely delicious. Perfect balance of lobster, mayo, bread and butter.


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