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Anyone Been to MacKenna's in New London, NH?

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I heard about a place in New London, NH, called MacKenna's Restaurant the other day. Looks like a good place to go to on the way to Vermont from the Boston area, especially since there don't seem to be many dining spots between Concord, NH, and the Vermont border. Has anyone tried MacKenna's? Is it worth stopping there? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 5/21/08 by hiddenboston)


N Barthol wrote:
Lived in the area all my life. MacKenna's is a good family dining spot. They specialize in homestyle meals. Worth the stop!
(Posted on 9/6/08)

R.D.M. wrote:
McKenna's is a local spot a bit like Denny's--enough simple family choices--meat and potatoes, home made pies, but it's definitely not cheap--and salad bar/vegetarian is minimal. It's a decent reasonably priced option for locals who get tired of Peter Christian's and don't want to spend for Flying Goose Pub, but it's nothing worth raving about. If you want more interesting options, stop at I 89, Exit 18 and drive into Hanover, where Dartmouth College folks eat. Or for the typical chain restaurants (Panera, Pizza Hut, Denny's, Friendly's, etc), get off at Exit 20 (W. Lebanon) just before the Vt bridge. Hanover has several restaurants in the same price range as McKenna's, but with more menu options and better atmosphere.
(Posted on 3/4/09)

Chris N wrote:
Great family restaurant with a "bring your own beer/wine" policy.
(Posted on 2/13/10)

JID wrote:
I love McKenna's Restaurant. It is a family restaurant, serving delicious home cooking, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere and affordable prices! Relax and enjoy!
(Posted on 4/14/11)

B Wright wrote:
I frequently meet my sister there for breakfast on Sunday. They have homemade English muffins which are very good. You can have bit your way and the waitstaff is very pleasant.
(Posted on 4/29/12)


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