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Best Meatballs in the Boston Area?

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What restaurant, sub shop, market, etc., has the best meatballs in the Boston area? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

rob wrote:
victors italian cusine rt 1 saugus or my bff, anne-marie.

Kayla wrote:
J. Pace !!! Yum.

csm wrote:

fl wrote:
Sub galley hingham mass.

PLC wrote:
Prince Pizzeria Saugus
Italian Grandmothers LOVE them!

Karen Heffernan wrote:
Tomasso's Trattoria in Southboro - hands down. Best I've ever had aside from my Italian grandmother's

nick v wrote:
Dante, and il casale! Pork and beef mix with their tomato sugo

Dave wrote:
Nick's in Quincy he's on granite st.

BI wrote:
Italian Express Pizzeria in East Boston has the best meatballs!!!

SF wrote:

JRV wrote:
Ristorante Limoncello

JB wrote:
Nico's Hanover St. Boston

LER wrote:
Rustic Kitchen, Hingham

MS wrote:
J Pace

Jesse wrote:
Carmelina's in the North End

MD wrote:

kason wrote:
There's a meatball stand in Faneuil Hall that's fabulous.

Stewart M. wrote:
If we're including all cuisines, the lions head at Shanghai Gate is the greatest meatball ever created.

rfsb wrote:
I have to agree with Stewart. Lion's Head is the best meatball ever, and Shanghai Gate makes the best ones I have eaten.

Frederick W. wrote:
Anchovies in the South End and Italian Express Pizzeria both nail the meatball+sauce combination perfectly. The former was one of the few places I was permitted to go in the South End when I lived there (they let anyone in) and their rigatoni with meatballs and spicy sausage is just so good.

Cameron R. wrote:
I second Anchovies on Columbus Ave. For high end restaurants? I go with Sorellina..

@djglidden wrote:
@DAmicisBakery & Meatland- both on Eastern Ave. in #Lynn

@BostonJerry wrote:
Sabatino's Italian Kitchen in Allston

@camozzi_joe wrote:
The Brick House Cafe in Dedham. The huge meatball appetizer is fantastic.

@BostonZest wrote:
Coppa Enoteca has the best meatballs. Addictive!

@mikbernie wrote:
sweet basil, needham.

Ken L wrote:
Big Joes Depot, Wilmington, MA

Frederick W. wrote:
Great meatballs abound in Boston! Love the fact that so many places serve them they way nature intended and not in a nest of gummy spaghetti.
Coppa, South End
Barracuda Tavern, DTX
Nebo, Wharf District

Scott wrote:
Vinny's Ristorante aka Vinny's At Night

Bill wrote:
The Italian Kitchen, Brockton

Dani wrote:
Vinny's in Somerville on Broadway. 100% no doubt!

rjh wrote:

Justin wrote:
Bee's Knees duck fat meatballs are out of this world

@2olivesdirty wrote:
Italian Express, East Boston --- the best there is!

Bryan wrote:
Angelos Coal Fired Pizza in Quincy on Hancock St.

Stewart M. wrote:
It's an uninspiring name, but the braised chicken meatballs at Dumpling Cafe are sublime.

Nicole M. R. wrote:
Dante de Magistris is forever the meatball king.

Danielle B. wrote:
Vinny's @ Night in Somerville has the BEST meatballs!!!

Dianne M. wrote:
A Touch of Italy in Randolph

jm wrote:
Carlo's Brighton

TC wrote:
Italian Kitchen, Brockton

KM wrote:
Osteria Nino just opened in Burlington has a killer meatball app. And Giuseppe's in Newtons Nonantum neighborhood for the best meatball sub!!

ADE wrote:
Toscano's in Beacon Hill

rwg wrote:
Babbo restaurant Fan Pier Boston


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