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Boston-Area Restaurants With Good Meatloaf?

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What are some restaurants in the Boston area that serve a particularly good meatloaf? Do any do an upscale version? How about old-fashioned meatloaf from a diner or local joint? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 7/7/09 by hiddenboston)


tubgoddess wrote:
POPS! Check out this video on how to make it!
(Posted on 7/7/09)

KB wrote:
Bristol Lounge.
(Posted on 7/7/09)

JU wrote:
All Star Sandwich Bar has the "atomic" meatloaf sandwich - tasty, with some crazy hot sauce.
(Posted on 7/7/09)

Rod F. wrote:
The Midway in Dedham. The meatloaf is the size of a brick, the gravy outstanding and it's cheap.
(Posted on 7/17/09)

Finn M. wrote:
This may sound silly to some, but you could do a lot worse than the meatloaf at Cask 'n Flagon, which you can get as either a sandwich or an entree. It's smooth, rich, and comes with a really solid roasted red pepper sauce. When I find myself eating at Cask - which, admittedly, isn't all that often - it's my go-to dish.
(Posted on 9/28/09)

Fun and Fearless in Beantown wrote:
Definitely Pops in the South End. I'm a huge fan of their Kobe meat loaf!
(Posted on 12/9/09)

TheDDG wrote:
Hub Pub on Province Street near Gov't Center. Cheap, great sized portion, with delicious gravy.
(Posted on 4/11/10)

Brandon wrote:
The Texas BBQ Company - Rt. 20 in Northboro - has SMOKED MEAT LOAF!!!
(Posted on 4/12/10)

Don G. wrote:
Guido's in Cambridge. Fantastic Meatloaf!
(Posted on 4/12/10)

LC wrote:
Grille 23.
(Posted on 8/11/10)

anonymous wrote:
Not a restaurant but Savenor's in Cambridge has a great one!
(Posted on 11/26/10)

qd wrote:
my house. lol
(Posted on 4/27/11)

PBC wrote:
Pops in the South End - amazing.
(Posted on 4/27/11)

TNat wrote:
The meatloaf melt at Zaftig's in Coolidge Corner is outstanding!
(Posted on 4/27/11)

eb wrote:
Guido's has been closed for months!
(Posted on 4/28/11)


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