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Favorite Pad Thai in the Boston Area?

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What restaurant has particularly good Pad Thai in the Boston area? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Jules wrote:
Rod Dee is hands down the BEST. My favorite.

Dena wrote:
Thai Basil on Newbury Street! It's sweet without being overly sweet. I get it with shrimp and it's amazing. Huge portions, big enough for two people to split - or big enough to have tons of leftovers if you're feeling selfish!

Bostonzest wrote:
Pad Thai cafe on Boylston; ask for it Thai style.

ZMSchwartz wrote:
Nud Pob on Comm Ave in Boston. First time I went there - Thai-style pad thai. Served beautifully with sides of hot peppers, peanuts, sugar, and bean sprouts. Awesome!

AD wrote:
Green Papaya in Waltham.

hv wrote:
Wonder Spice in JP.

GS wrote:
House of Siam on Columbus Ave in the South End!

JP wrote:
Brown Sugar's Country Style Pad Thai....just awesome!

dana wrote:
In the city: pho and I. South shore: pho so 1 (randolph), malai (randolph), lime leaf (weymouth)

DCMC wrote:
The King & I on Charles Street. It's the standard I hold other pad thai dishes against

rr2005 wrote:
Dok Bua in Brookline or Amarin in Newton Corner

AM wrote:
Rod Dee in Cambridge or Sweet Ginger in Somerville. Both are sooo goood.

sp wrote:
Dok bua, no one else comes close.

Kim D wrote:
Lime Leaf in Weymouth has delicious Pad Thai. Be sure to ask for it Thai style.

SB wrote:
The King and I on Charles Street in Beacon Hill. THE BEST!!!! A friend and I take each other there for our birthdays because it's our FAVORITE!!! I keep wanting to try something else, but ALWAYS end up ordering the Pad Thai.

jeff g wrote:
King & I is the best Pad Thai I have ever had, by a wide margin...

JM wrote:
S&I Thai in Allston. Best outside of Bangkok.

helenjak wrote:
S&I Thai on Brighton ave in Allston! Their food is packed with flavor. Check it out.

RD wrote:
Equator in the South End. (mix the crispy and traditional together.... Yum!!!)

jB wrote:
Rod Dee, hands down.

E.H. wrote:
Pad Thai Cafe has wonderful pad thai. I used to like King & I but I realized all the MSG was making me sick.

M wrote:
Lemon Thai in Somerville

ben k wrote:
Brown Sugar's Country Style Pad Thai is excellent although I have a hard time finding anything else on the menu that is as good.

EF wrote:
Lanta (formerly Rock Sugar Thai Cafe) on Batterymarch St. Boston

JR wrote:
Definitely King and I. All others I've tried have been disappointing by comparison. And it says right on their menu that everything is made without MSG, E.H.! I'd have problems myself if it was.

FB wrote:
Green Papaya, Waltham

Greg P wrote:
Amarin of Thailand in Newton.

ben k wrote:
Brown Sugar's Country Style Pad Thai is excellent although I have a hard time finding anything else on the menu that is as good.

K wrote:
All Seasons Restaurant in Malden!

@the_JesseLane wrote:
Rod Dee in Brookline or Tom Yum Koong in Medford (crispy chicken or gtfo)

@Solvent42 wrote:
Thai Hut in Somerville

Amanda F. wrote:
Brown Sugar Cafe (or Similians in East Cambridge...) Country Style with extra peanut sauce, please!

@socialiteboston wrote:
Nud Pob on Commonwealth Ave!

Pat Bunn wrote:
Brown Sugar's Pad Thai--- they are the biggest take out portions i've ever seen and it's delicious (both regular and country style (spicy). The Khao Soy there is also amazing (better when dining in). It's a yellow curry egg noodle dish that is so good my mouth is watering as I write this.

Frederick W. wrote:
Brown Sugar - their country style Pad Thai is a personal favorite for many years. Also Erawan out in Waltham but haven't been in a long time.

Greg P. wrote:
Amarin of Thailand in Newton Corner.
Although, on occasion we do get it from Green Peapod in Watertown, too.

jpt wrote:
Chattabox East bridgewater. Fresh. Delicious. Nice people too.

@sarahfardmusic wrote:
Thai Basil on #Newbury, 9 Tastes in #Harvard #Cambridge. Oh, and Sugar and Spice in #Porter.

Josh K. wrote:
Little Duck in Quincy. Hands down.

cat wrote:
rod dee (multiple locations) then pepper sky cambridge

EM wrote:
Quincy's best is at "Pad Thai" on Hancock street.

anonymous wrote:
Bangkok Spice in Reading is very good!

lou wrote:
New saigon on Bennington St in east boston...don't let the Vietnamese name throw you
S&i in allston is fantastic too

Scott L. wrote:
Rod Dee 2

Erin E. wrote:
Mango Thai in West Newton!

John C. wrote:
Thai North in Brighton's Oak Square.

Aliesha B. wrote:
Rod Dee!

Timmeh M. wrote:
I really liked Siam House

@afoulds1984 wrote:
Bangkok Spice in Reading, Phu Ket in Wakefield, Similians in Cambridge, Brown Sugar on Comm Ave. I have a lot of favorites!

@dunit83 wrote:
The one from Dok Bua is very good! Also basil pad thai at Nud Pob is our favorite.

@magpie2morning wrote:
Cha Yen in Watertown is great!

@HomebrewedDwarf wrote:
Great Chow 18

@planningminion wrote:
The shrimp Pad Thai at House of Siam on Columbus Ave is best I've had

@michaelinat wrote:
Pad Thai on Boylston!!!

@renegadesistah wrote:
Little Duck in Quincy


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