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Who Makes the Best Pizza in New England?

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Perhaps a question that sparks more debate than nearly any other (except for maybe best burger), but who do you think makes the best pizza in all of New England? A couple of places often mentioned include Pepe's in New Haven, CT, and Regina's in the North End of Boston. Would either of these restaurants be your first choice in pizza? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

gem wrote:
Red Rose in Springfield is awesome!

Enrique wrote:
Christo's Pizza in West Roxbury is delicious and not too pricey! I love it!

KMD wrote:
Town Spa Pizza
Stoughton Ma.

Joe wrote:
Pizza Paradisio in Northampton MA - good creative menu

rk wrote:
Modern Apizza in New Haven, CT

Leah K wrote:
Armando's in Cambridge

Robert Logan wrote:
Franco's Pizza on Moody Street in Waltham has the best pizza anywhere outside Boston.

EAF wrote:
Joe's Pizza in Northampton is fantastic. Second To Santarpios in East Boston which is best pizza In the U.S. never mind Boston!

ch wrote:
Marios in lexington ctr

KN wrote:
Sal's Pizza in Monroe, CT. Yum! Or Pepe's in New Haven. Two Boots is really great and scattered around the NY metro area. Love a good pizza!

SR wrote:
Sam & Joe's and Calitri's in Danvers are the best!

RichardPF wrote:
It may not be the best pizza, but it is one of the best lunch pizza deals around. Prince Pizzeria (Rt.1 in Saugus) has an all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta lunch deal during the week for only $6. I have been eating their pizza for a long time, it is a sentimental favorite.

Arielle wrote:
Babalouie's Pittsfield, MA. They have the best BBQ chicken pizza ever and it's all organic.

Mackenzie wrote:
Penguin Pizza in Boston! Absolutely delicious and a great selection of beer as well.

Chiqui wrote:
Crush Pizza in Nashua, NH. Excellent Neapolitan style pizza!

ka wrote:
Wooster Street Pizza in Manchester, CT is my favorite place to go when I'm back visiting my hometown.

JudyH wrote:
Angela's in Saugus. Love the char from the coal fire.

lelia riggins wrote:
Palio's in Hyannis on Cape Cod is amazingggg

JenP wrote:
Frank Pepe's in New Haven, CT. I dream about their white clam pizza, best I have ever had.

MEK wrote:
Dennenos in Stoughton. I've had pizza everywhere, Modern in New Haven, Town Spa in Stoughton, Grimaldis in Brooklyn but Dennenos is my favorite by leaps and bounds. I'll drive there from Newton anytime even in traffic.

jj wrote:
Sebastians - Gloucester MA

Meg - Pittsfield, MA wrote:
East Side Pizza in Pittsfield, MA. Simple and fantastic!!!

b wrote:
giadonos in oak bluffs is awesome!!!

Pegmeister wrote:
This is just not a simple question. I like all types of pizza from bar style to NY style to gourmet. So, best neighborhood spot: Darcy's in Quincy for their buffalo chicken or Guiness Beef and potato version; Waterfront Cafe in the North End for NY style pepperoni and cheese; and Artu in the North End for their shrimp scampi.

Kb wrote:
Sal and mal's in Foxboro. Just like I grew up on in NJ

ac wrote:
Santarpio's, hands down.

KBS wrote:
Galleria Umberto's in the North End of Boston.

Brian wrote:
Picco in the South End!

caw wrote:
Dogwood Cafe. Our fav is "Naughty Pine"...all pizzas named for trees in Arnold Arboretum.

g3 wrote:
P & S Pizza in Clinton, MA has been one of the best for me. Family owned, made to order pizza's. Not cheap but very good in my opinion. And they have real root beer and cream sodas in the cooler.

rachel m wrote:
Umbertos in the north end

jg wrote:
Piazza Barn in Ossipee, NH. Love all that extra crispy pepperoni.

heather wrote:
Poopsies in pembroke! Simple, bar style pizza that is just amazing

GR wrote:
Otto Pizza, Coolidge Corner, Brookline...the best!

s.i.c. wrote:
Sweet tomatoes Cape Cod

JMB wrote:
Yes Yes .. Regina's in the north end and Pepe's in CT are great pizzas of course and they hold the torch on greatest pizza's , But not to leave out a traditional authentic Italian brick oven pizza from Antico Forno in Boston's North End is by far the freshest and most tasteful, if u haven't tried its a must.

Rebekah wrote:
Scoozi hands down!!! The white pizza is my favorite.

AldeneF wrote:
A1 Pizza in Winchester, NH. Standard pizza fare with standard toppings, but totally yummy!

Bobby M wrote:
Little Italy in Beverly MA

LKR wrote:
Gaslight in Portsmouth NH.

MPL wrote:
Twins Pizza in Pawtucket, RI is one/if not the best in New England

J wrote:
Frank Pepes at Mohegan Sun, the shrimp, spinach and mozzarella pizza is to die for!

Sai wrote:

PF wrote:
Kellys Pub in E. Boston
Or Bertuccis Waltham

TFM wrote:
La Befana is Allston is incredible. People mistake it for the other pizzerias that have inhabited the space for decades but true great artisan pizza in Allston at 2am is an underrated miracle

BT wrote:
Bianchi's on Revere Beach -- by far the best pizza around!

rdp wrote:
Pepe's. New Haven, CT. Hands down!

KS wrote:
#1 Caserta Pizza - Federal Hill in Providence RI

rfsb wrote:
Joe's in Northampton, which is neither obscure nor near Boston, made me an amazing linguica and onion the other night. My wife said it was the same food she ate there when she was in college thirty years ago.

Matt Stafford wrote:
Sweet Tomatoes in Newton.

mg wrote:
By far the best pizza is Riverview in Ipswich MA

nd wrote:
Casertas in PVD, of course.

JEL wrote:
Monte's in Lynn

J wrote:
Louie's in Woburn

MsNic wrote:
Hands down....Cape Cod Pizza in Brockton! I usually always get a topping on my pizzas but even the cheese is yummmmmmy!

nm wrote:
Venus in Whitman
Spencers in Abington

LA wrote:
Same Old Place JP.

JCP wrote:
Monte's in Lynn, MA!

alexj_may wrote:
Alfredo's in South Boston. Angela's Coal Fired Pizza in Saugus.
North Shore: Sebastians in Gloucester, Magnolia House of Pizza.

sgh wrote:
Pepe's is excellent but in Boston, I love Picco.

mj wrote:
Johnny's near ashmont station

KIM wrote:
Bianchi's on Revere beach

susmcl wrote:
Regina's North End... Still the best

JC wrote:
Max & Leos in Newton

@JimDunna wrote:
Papa Gino's

@Heath69 wrote:

Jay S wrote:
Lynwood in Randolph

otis wrote:
Pleasant in Roslindale. No comparison

b m wrote:
Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale.

kam wrote:
Liberty Grille in Hingham. Great bar pizzas

wlm wrote:
Town Spa in Stoughton

RM wrote:
Catanzaro's in North Providence, RI and they're tied with Tommy's Pizza in Providence, RI. Both are simply AMAZING!!!

cr wrote:
Max and Leo's in Newton

jack wrote:
pini's-pizza on river st in Waltham..

JGM wrote:
Pepe's New Haven

BigD wrote:
1. Town Spa stoughton burnt edges
2. Cape cod cafe Brockton (Store pizza #1)
3. lynwood Randolph
4 Denenos Stoughton

nmc wrote:

MM CT wrote:
John and Maria's in East Haven, CT - better than Pepe's, sorry, just try it once and you will return.
Still love Modern :)

jlwalshy wrote:
Umbertos hands down

D.C. wrote:
Cafe Piazza Dolce in Winchester, MA. Best margherita pizza and killer brick oven.

JPJ wrote:
mamma Lisa's Somerville

REP wrote:
Natalie's Italian Kitchen - Natick, MA -&- Portsmouth Gaslight Co., Portsmouth, NH

@StokedPizza wrote:
Had a great, great pizza at Angela's Coal Fired on Rt. 1 last month.
although my 3 year old daughter just said "Daddy makes the best pizza in the whole world". ;)

@trisdyn wrote:
best pizza Santarpios in EB hands down

@kscams wrote:
Louies Pizza in Woburn

@cannoneerfour wrote:
Franklin House of Pizza

Mark C. wrote:
Stella's Pizza, Watertown! ..

Paul M. wrote:
Why open it up when Santarpio's is right here in Boston. Pepe's in NH next. Love Stella's for a slice but in New England? No.

Thomas M. R. wrote:
That's a simple answer! Modern Pizza in New Haven, CT. The one thing I miss about not living in CT anymore is the pizza!

Katie D. wrote:
Tin Rays in Brockton Ma has amazing pizza!!

Sarah Y. wrote:
Wilson pizza in windsor ct! Hands down !

Kristen P. wrote:
I'm from ct too, anywhere in the new haven area-Sally's, Modern Apizza or Zuppardis

G.E. wrote:
Denly's in Weymouth....Regina's N. End

twoshotsofvodka wrote:
How about The Pleasant Cafe - Roslindale

Dawn wrote:
Otto's, Brookline, Ma.

mike c wrote:
cafe Assisi in Wrentham! Fresh-hot-just delicious - any style they sell(margarita is the bomb!)

pmt wrote:
Leone's. Broadway in E. Somerville.

Lino Viola wrote:
I grew up with Regina's and I haven't found anything that compares with the original place in the North End of Boston

RobH wrote:
Brick Pizzeria Napoletana in New Bedford, MA is the best I've had in New England. Perfect chewy, charred crust from wood burning oven.


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