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Who Has the Best Ramen in the Boston Area?

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Which restaurants have the best ramen in the Boston area? Also, what are your favorite specific ramen options at these places? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

NF wrote:
Dumpling Daughter three day pork ramen!!

LM wrote:
My favorite is still Sapporo Ramen in Cambridge. It's worth standing in line for it!

Drew S. wrote:
Shojo. Hands down. Their chef, Mark O'Leary, is one of the founders of Guchi's Ramen Night, and is as responsible for the ramen craze in this town as anyone. And for good reason
I also love Yume wo Katare, but their unique (in Boston) buta style ramen is so rich that I can only eat it a few times a year

Karen S. wrote:
Toto Ramen

@PatrickMBoston wrote:
the best hand-pulled, fresh noodles I've ever had in Boston were made by @markmoleary who now works @ShojoBoston.

MB wrote:
Yume wo Katare in Porter Square, Cambridge. Most authentic ramen there is.

Justin S. wrote:
Santouka Ramen. Tonkotsu. Shio broth.
"It's a beautiful thing." - In my Bing Crosby Voice

@rachjournalist wrote:
Seconding your adulation for Sapporo's spicy miso #ramen!


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