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Favorite Places for Sandwiches in the Boston Area?

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What do you think are some of the best restaurants, sub shops, markets, etc. to go to in the Boston area for sandwiches? What are your favorite sandwiches from those places? [Go here to post a reply.]
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Kate M. wrote:
Great sandwiches at Cafe Vesuvius in both Marblehead and Salem on the Swampscott line. Regular subs but special combos on good foccacia toasted.

Richard A. wrote:
Monte Cristo at Iron Town Diner in Saugus.
I'll add The Double Awesome from Mei Mei

Dave M. wrote:
The fried cauliflower sandwich at Strip Ts. Ridiculously good.

Craig C. wrote:
Sam Lagrassa everything. Falafel King, falafel sandwich,

Lisa M. wrote:
I used to go to Falafel King once a week when I worked in town. I miss that place!

Drew S. wrote:
Tortas at Tenoch. Porchetta from Pennypackers. Meatball sub from the Dining Car. Pretty much anything at All-star sandwich bar. Chacarero even though it used to be better.
Mighty Rib at Roxy's grilled cheese.

Julie E. wrote:

Patrick S. wrote:
Emilio's in Watertown - fabulous Chicken Parmesan sub
Bova's Bakery late night Italian sub $1.00

Cara P. wrote:
Roy's Cold Cuts in Eastie is take out only but amazing. I'm a vegetarian and even I love it there. They have a while bunch of unusual veggie options and you can buy 1/2 subs, which are a perfect size. They also sell great old skool candy.

Jon S. wrote:
Cutty's in Brookline for sure

Matthew D. wrote:
Borellis in Methuen

Jen P. P. wrote:
The Reuben from Michael's Deli, but pretty much any sandwich from there is awesome. I'm also a sucker for the Zuni Roll from Parish Cafe.

Kristen N. wrote:
The Boston Club or the Mickey's #7 from Manhattan Sandwich Co.

Geoff W. wrote:
Wild Mushroom Grilled Cheese at Saus, make sure to truffle the 'shrooms for a buck more
I like a few sandwiches at Thinking Cup but my favorite is the Barcelona Bliss

Cynthia D. wrote:
The Roast Beef Blues at Sam LaGrassa is so simple, yet so delicious. The Fancy breakfast sandwich at the original Mike & Patty's was glorious but the place has gone depressingly downhill.
Another vote for the uni sandwich at Toro. That thing is mind-blowing.

Aaron G. wrote:
Joshua's Bologna from Moody's...

Craig C. wrote:
Peters Super Beef in Revere! And of course the original Kelly's on the beach. But since we're there go to Bianchi's for pizza and Bill Ash for live music and cheap drinks.

Kim S. wrote:
I'm fortunate to be able to walk to Barry's Deli in Waban, Newton. All of the sandwiches are good though extremely expensive.

Allyson S. wrote:
Harvard House of Pizza in Cambridge & Vinny's in East Somerville

Patrick M. wrote:
I've been missing the fresh, braided roll sandwiches from (now closed) J Pace in the North End. Next time I'm stuck in the Seaport, I want to see if they are as good as I remember from the old location.

Robert T. wrote:
The Italian sub at Monica's Mercato in the North End.
Roast beef 1000 from Cutty's as well.
I have liked a few selections at Parish Cafe on Boylston

Linda R. wrote:
Mexican Torta from La Victoria !

Paul B. wrote:
Casa Razdora on Water St. Downtown. The Italiano on Focaccia.
Al Capone's on Summer St has really upped their game with their French bread.

Jamie W. wrote:
Rondo's, Darwin's & Ashmont Market.

Victoria K. wrote:
The C3po: chicken steak, chili, cheese, peppers, & onions--at Moogy's in Brighton, and the 'Chinatown Special' with Chicken--Chicken and cheese sandwich with broccoli and snowpeas, made "special" with homemade ginger-teriyakii sauce and topped with wonton noodles at Big Daddy's in Brighton

Loretta C. wrote:
Roy's for cold cut subs in Eastie and Dough East Boston for Rubins and specialty sandwich.

Julie K. wrote:
I love steak and cheese and tuna salad. Steak and cheese is awesome at the Cappa's Track Kitchen and believe me I taught Andreas Stoneham how I like my tuna salad sub and I love it!!!

Brian B. wrote:
Meridian street deli

Gail wrote:
City Feed in JP, great whether you're vegan or a carnivore, Root, in Allston, Fiore's, JP, The Rox in West's all about great bread, and clean, fresh ingredients

BS wrote:
Bonme Food Truck

nm wrote:
Carl's in Waltham

ATL wrote:
Bee's Knees is incredible, great specials. In fort point.

Leah Klein wrote:
Hi Rise for the #2 Fern's Problem Solver, or for vegetarian I like johnathan's vegetable garden, for the perfect egg sandwich- Sarah's Market, choice of fried or scrambled from Uncommon Grounds, for bahn mi pho viet at the super 88 or Bon Me, and for extremely decadent the chocolate Nutella Melby one from Hi Rise

Rose H. wrote:
The Ile de France from Paul Bakery. Brie, lettuce, and walnuts on artisanal fruit bread spread with just a little honey butter and.

Stephanie W. wrote:
Any sandwich with the Rumanian Pastrami at Sam LaGrassa's.

Rich D. wrote:
Cutty's. Far too long a wait lately. Always a good sandwich at Bottega di Capri... and di Fiorentina.

Buster M. wrote:
Sam LaGrassa's Pastrami!

Tracey C. wrote:

Lyna L. wrote:
Chacarero for the dinos!

Scott L. wrote:
Barry's is great. I used to like Lendy's in Saugus but it's gone down hill the last several years. I think the Panera next door is killing them which is a shame because there is no comparison in the food department. Panera is way overrated.

Chris T. wrote:
The double awesome at mei mei should be a given. The once a month chicken sandwich at cutty's is quite excellent as well.

Paul M. wrote:
Chimi di pierna at Alex's Chimis in JP. Banh Mi at Banh Mi Le in Dorchester.

Paula M. wrote:
The Kirkland at Darwin's in Cambridge: Swiss, Dijon, Russian Dressing, Coleslaw, Pickles, Carrots, Green Pepper, and Tomato

Vinny A. wrote:
Lendy's, Rte 1 and Lynn Fells Parkway, Saugus.

Jimmy C. wrote:
The pho real at strip t's, the bahn mi at Moody's, and roast beef at flour
Oh and the Le mistral or the ming tsai tuna sandwich at parish cafe.
Lastly my favorite of all time a super with sauce from nicks roast beef in north Beverly.

Tatsu I. wrote:
I eat at Hi-Rise Bread Co more than any other place. I love the veggie cole slaw, yes just cole slaw and it's filling and good. The smoked salmon is the best smoked salmon anything in Boston. I eat the hummus and pesto quite often. The 3 egg omelette, cheddar, and avocado is my favorite brunch item ever. Tuna and bread and butter pickles with cheddar rocks. Those are the "B-side" hits, not even remotely the most popular ones like the chicken curry or pulled pork. This place is in another league above parish or all-star in my opinion. You can't beat house-made bread, well-sourced ingredients local if possible, and everything made from scratch except the mustard. I do work for them but I wouldn't compromise my integrity. Everyone I bring there who is too cheap or too lazy to visit raves as they eat.

Dori W. wrote:
the Bahn Mi at Bon Mi with extra siraacha. perfection.

Jack K. wrote:
New Deal Deli and Fruit in Revere. The best and largest subs I have ever had.

Lyndon F. wrote:
Crazily the best Italian Sub I ever had was at Lambert's in Dorchester, wifey and I sat outside on the picnic table and ate, I was so blown away that I went back inside, found out who made it and shook his hand. I was truly perfection, perfectly balanced and delicious.

NB from Wayland wrote:
I never realized how great vegetarian could be until I lunched at Life Alive in Lowell. Great fresh flavor.

HFB wrote:
BLT at Flour Bakery

asc wrote:
Italian Sub and Veggie Sub at "Monica's Mercato & Salumeria" on Salem Street in the North End.

Barry wrote:
Bonme Food Truck

JZ wrote:
Sam LaGrassa's

JR wrote:
Bees Knees Supply in Fort Point. The chef makes sandwiches that are amazing, from DuckFat meatballs to Pork Belly BLT.

Gay B. E. wrote:
Something Natural, Nantucket, MA. Hate to say, it but you have to hop on a ferry for the best sandwich of your life.

@geospiza_fortis wrote:
The Flour breakfast egg sandwich! Utterly magnificent.

@BOSFoodTours wrote:
@flourbakerycafe and @MonicasBoston

@nugepham wrote:
Sam Lagrassas, Parish Cafe

@staycaffeinated wrote:
squeaky beaker, Kendall Square. Out of town plug for Italian sammie at when pigs fly, Kittery ME

@kimbiep wrote:
@allstarsandwich by a long shot.

@thetavernguy wrote:
roast beef, colby, roasted red peppers and mayo on sour dough from @Lagrassas is a personal favorite of mine

@hungrytommy_ wrote:
I'm a big fan of @SlowRise and @MoodysWaltham (picture of roast beef #7 from NBB)


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