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Questions and Answers >> Hidden Restaurants -- Specific Topics >> Scotch Pine Farm in Pepperell?

Scotch Pine Farm in Pepperell?

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This place looks rather unusual, and definitely out of the way on what looks like a side street in Pepperell. Is it true that they close during the summer? What are their hours during the fall, winter, and spring? Are the breakfasts at the Scotch Pine Farm pretty good, or is there somewhere close by that has better breakfasts? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 9/19/08 by hiddenboston)


Tim J. wrote:
Scotch Pine is a great restaurant off Route 119 in Pepperell. They are open year-round. They're well-known for their breakfasts - which are excellent, and they load the plates. Went there for dinner last week, and had prime rib, which was excellent. They're also the only restaurant in Pepperell that serves beer and wine, so it's nice to be able to stay in town to enjoy a good bottle of wine with dinner!
(Posted on 4/6/09)

AO wrote:
They are off Park Street, which is off Route 111, which is off Route 119. Wouldn't want the non locals to get lost trying to find the place. They serve breakfast and dinner, and have PYO berries in season. They also own a catering truck, and run what was once Larry's steamed dogs.
(Posted on 4/7/09)

MW wrote:
While it may be off the beaten path for some it is our jewel! I love this place! Open T-Sun for breakfast/lunch; it is the place to go for a large, homemade breakfast. Love the farm animals and views. MUST GO!
(Posted on 3/9/10)

dos ladies wrote:
Took the ride up to Pepperell yesterday to go to the farm and arrived to a sign on the door that they were closed for the summer. All six of us were disappointed as we had driven for an hour to get there. It was not clear on the Website that they would be closed. We will try again after Labor Day.
(Posted on 8/6/10)

BD wrote:
Sadly, it sounds like they are closed for good. The place was bought by someone else, but no one knows when they will open as the new entity. Too bad.
(Posted on 5/5/11)


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