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Good Soft Serve Ice Cream in the Boston Area?

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What are some of the best places to go to in the Boston area for soft serve ice cream? Do they have a lot of flavors, or just the basics? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

Mark wrote:
Dairy Joy (mmm dip-cones) on Route 117...

AJS wrote:
Dairy Joy in Weston. Marble Twist is amazing!!!

sanjeevn wrote:
Chili Cow

dme wrote:
JP Licks always has a great choice of soft-serve flavors, including YoTango - yum!

JD wrote:
Kells Kreme Revere Beach or Carvel or DQ.

DovesandFigs wrote:
Dairy Barn in Randolph-coffee soft serve with chocolate dip.

lrp wrote:
Jp licks!!

cs wrote:
Abbotts or Dairy Queen!

all4road wrote:
Soft-serve is nothing without dip. For that, Dairy Joy is da bomb.

Gazza wrote:
The Dairy Twist in Arlington!!! Oh wait this isn't 1987. Chilly Cow in Arlington.

mauren wrote:
Bubbling Brook in Westwood! Yum....

@abostonday wrote:

Seth M. wrote:
Dairy Joy!!!
The original home of soft serve
Three words ...
Java Berry Twist

Julie K. wrote:
Lulu's sweet shop @ North End (Salem St). Homemade ice cream just delicious#

Lori M. V. wrote:
Loving Daddy's Dairy (but I have a weakness for Crescent Ridge too)

Eileen M. wrote:
Dairy Joy in Weston

Pino C. wrote:
Rons IceCream and bowling alley in Hyde park and Dedham

Melissa C. wrote:
Dairy Joy in Weston!

Perry wrote:
Celebrity's in Watertown - creamsicle, javaberry, marble twist!

timothy wrote:
Wilson's in Walpole

KF wrote:
Truly's in Wellesley!

kathleen wrote:
Soc's in Saugus has amazingly rich soft serve.

Perry wrote:
Celebrity In Watertown!

LM wrote:
Dairy Barn in Randolph

mary wrote:
CB Scoops in Medford

Michael wrote:
Broadway Dairy Maid in Everett!

gc wrote:
dairy twist pembroke

marie wrote:
Bubbling Brook in Westwood!

Greg wrote:
Dairy Freeze in Quincy!

MD wrote:
Bubbling Brooks - Westwood

Seth M. wrote:
Cedar Hill Weston

Debra R. wrote:
Celebrity in Watertown!

Ed C. wrote:
well its not really ice cream, but PIZZATALIA in roxbury has the best frozen yogurt i have ever had.

EB wrote:
Bubbling Brook in Westwood

dave wrote:
Dairy Maid Everett

Paula M. wrote:

Mary S. wrote:
Love the dairy barn

Gay B. E. wrote:
Dairy Joy in Weston!

Stewart M. wrote:
If I'm up in Quincy anyway, Kells Kreme. If I'm in town and want a twist cone, Celebrity in Watertown.

Linda D. wrote:
Bubbling Brook in Westwood, but have been to Dairy Joy more this year.

Ellen B. wrote:
Dairy Joy Weston

@laManaMayor wrote:
@sullydogs is one of the best places @jplicks and @ronsicecream

mm wrote:
socs ice cream in Saugus


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