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Favorite Boston-Area Restaurant for Soup?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

Where do you like to go in the Boston area for soup? Are there specific soups at any restaurants that are your favorites? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)


CH wrote:
Soup Factory hands down.
(Posted on 4/26/11)

Chrissy wrote:
Flash's smoked tomato soup is the best I've ever had.
(Posted on 4/26/11)

Ron A. wrote:
Scott Palmer took the words right outta my mouth:
"Without a doubt....
Pho Pasteur, Chinatown"
N.E. Soup Factory is also good. You people know your soup!
(Posted on 4/26/11)

cf wrote:
Morena's in Wakefield. Best Italian soups!
(Posted on 4/26/11)

LC wrote:
Soup Works in North Attleboro.
Lambert's in Westwood.
(Posted on 4/26/11)

eb wrote:
My soups!!!! come on over.... can't be beat! Mushroom veloute, Austrian garlic soup, Potato Leek, even Kapusta!!
(Posted on 4/27/11)

HLB in Needham wrote:
Anything at New England Soup Factory!
(Posted on 4/27/11)

ajc wrote:
Def farmer browns in middleton
(Posted on 10/2/12)

jmb wrote:
Terramia - wild mushroom & chestnut soup
(Posted on 10/2/12)

marissa wrote:
New Englad Soup Factory - it's the best! Line out the door today.
(Posted on 10/2/12)

mc wrote:
Sam Lagrassa's has excellent soup
(Posted on 10/2/12)

DH wrote:
New England Soup Factory- Greek Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup!
(Posted on 10/8/12)


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