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The Best Steak and Cheese/Cheesesteak in the Greater Boston Area?

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Who do you think makes the best steak and cheese/cheesesteak in the Greater Boston area (inside, say, Route 495)? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Carl wrote:
Carl's in Waltham. and I'm not just saying that cause my name is Carl. I promise.

Momma wrote:
Lena's in Lynn! Soft, fresh rolls, delicious seasoned beef! Yummmy delish!!!

e wrote:
Burtons is the best. It's not traditional but that's why it's so special. It has a delicious dipping sauce and great bread too. When I want traditional, I tend to go to D'Angelos for a number 9, but I'd love to try Carl's. I'm still mourning the closing of Philadelphia Steak and Hoagie. Hungry now...why did I get started?

mike wrote:
New London pizza in Concord, ma...phenomenal!

steve kingshon wrote:
Carls Waltham of course

Mikey O wrote:
TC Lando's in Acton rules.

BR wrote:
Willy's Phillys in Maynard is awesome. They use wiz just like they do at Geno's and Pat's. Awesome owners who are accommodating and appreciate their customers.

Billy G wrote:
Carl's in Waltham

Ed T wrote:
Santoro's in Malden. Best steak subs I've ever had.

Robert Winters wrote:
T. Anthony's at Commonwealth and Babcock near Nickerson Field. It's been a while since I was there, but their steak was like steak chunks - not just shredded beef. And they baked it for a few minutes to melt the cheese into the steak.

tomboston wrote:
Carl's in Waltham is in its own league.
Much larger than the others, and top quality.
This discussion should be about who gets second place.

tomboston wrote:
Willys Phillys in Maynard rocks just like somebody already said

Dave B wrote:
Carl's in Waltham is hands-down the best in greater Boston!

Wile E. Coyote wrote:
Sonny Noto's, hands down!!!

nealio wrote:
Carl's in Waltham is by far the best. Second place emilo's in Watertown

Christine H. R. wrote:
J&M Saugus

Patrick G. wrote:
Leone's in Winter Hill

Philip M. wrote:
Bob's in South Medford.

@ArthurW216 wrote:
Bernie's General Store, Quincy, MA

Tessin14 wrote:
Bob's in Medford!! Amazing steak, cheese and the best bread ever!!

Hank Repeat wrote:
Carl's all the way

p m wrote:
white sport pizza in Somerville

Scottie wrote:
TC Landos in Acton!

@No_1_icecreaman wrote:
Bob's in Medford!

tg wrote:
I like Emilio's in Watertown, lean steak, pickles and onion

Jodie wrote:
Bobs in Medford is the BEST!

@BrianGBoston wrote:
Roy's on Marion Street Eastie. #eastie

AK wrote:
T.C Lando's is horrible it's huge but the steak so fatty they actually have to cut it in two sep directions otherwise you'd have to chew for hrs to get it down.

mm wrote:
islington pizza westwood

Debi wrote:
Super Sub in Beverly

Julie K. wrote:
Pignones Cafe at Stoneham....Delicious!!!

David M. wrote:
The Bobby Orr from The Fours Boston is pretty friggin good.

Sarah M. wrote:
TC Landos!

Justin S. wrote:
Carlo's on Bennington St. East Boston

John J. wrote:
After Carl's/Lando's, I like Lewis's in Norwood Center

Lori G. P. wrote:
Brookline Spa

frank wrote:
Carls is ok but way overrated by people who don't know what a cheese steak should be. I worked next to that place for years and went twice. It's not even shaved steak, it's pellets that look like squirrel poo.

Shawn f wrote:
Most of these places are nowhere near Boston. If you want an amazing steak and cheese visit Stash's pizza in Dorchester. Yum!

Bryan wrote:
Super Sub In Beverly MA is awesome!

Mr. Burns wrote:
Dino's on Salem Street in the North End!

Scott wrote:
Dimino's in Revere

dmurray wrote:
TC Landos Acton!

C wrote:
Give Pauli's a try in the north end. You'll be surprised.

SM wrote:
Carl's in Waltham.

jc wrote:
Emilio's in Watertown is a good steak and cheese. Liked Moogy's in Brighton when I lived there. Nothing like a Philly cheesesteak though- much better places than Pats and Geno's too.

Nick wrote:
On the North Shore it's Destino's in Gloucester and Super Sub in Beverly.

Willy wrote:
The Bobby Orr at The Fours

Chantelle M. wrote:
Joe's in Dudley.

Stephen N. wrote:
Choate Bridge Pub in Ipswich. Only on Saturday and every other Thursday. Absolutely one of the best!!!

Steven D. wrote:
Where is the best place on the South Shore? I always went to Bob's in Medford. That store is phenomenal. If anyone is in the Medford area, I highly recommend it. Also...kind of hard to find.

Tony B. wrote:
Bobs in Medford is crazy. Once I thought I was leaning against a pole but it was a giant provolone pipe.

Justin M. wrote:
Steak Bomb from Tony Lenas in Swampscott. Add extra cheese and it's a meal for 2, best I've had

Dan S. wrote:
Carl's Subs in Waltham used to have the best/most greasy steak and cheese with hugh portions. I haven't been there in 20+ years (I think my insides are still oily from my last sub), and hear they've changed their recipe, but it's still there.

Kevin M. wrote:
Super Sub in Beverly you find better in New England

Sean OC wrote:
EuroMart is as good as there is

Rahcine wrote:
LaCascia's Bakery..Medford. Steak and Cheese on a braided roll..extra cheese. There is none better!

Micheal T. wrote:
Rahcine Carls in Waltham, Bobs in Medford and the #1 is tony Lena's in Lynn

Julie K. wrote:
Cappa's Track Side Kitchen Melrose, delicious!!!

Debbie G. C. wrote:
Carl's in Waltham

Kimberly M. wrote:
Super sub - Beverly

@sarim0t0 wrote:
I still like Carl's in Waltham.

@Chase79Chris wrote:
I'm going Carl's in Waltham. Unreal steak and cheese subs!

@TanyaLouWho wrote:
if we're talking cheesesteak, Super Sub in Bevely has to be on the list!

@kimleonard wrote:
Boyle's Market in East Arlington & Bob's in Medford.

@bzref wrote:
Bobs. West Medford. There is no second. No joke. It begins and ends at Bob's Italian Foods.

@dot_the_speck wrote:
Just Steak near Fields Corner

@TownsmanJordan wrote:
Carl's in Waltham. which is exactly the same as TC Lando's

@mgnicosia wrote:
The buffalo steak & cheese at Big Daddy's

@melanie_lund wrote:
baldie's in bridgewater!

@jayfallon wrote:
Rondo's. Also, Rondo's.

@planningminion wrote:
the Bobby Orr at The Fours is the best I've had

@KyleClauss wrote:
Al's on State Street

mmaug wrote:
Big Daddy at Big Daddy's Brighton


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