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Who Has the Best Steak Tips in the Boston Area?

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Who do you think has the best steak tips in the Boston area? What do you like about them? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

MM wrote:
Newbridge Cafe in Chelsea.

jb wrote:

Louis C. wrote:
In no order-
Newbridge Cafe - Chelsea
Choate Bridge Pub - Ipswich
The Lasting Room - Haverhill

Chrissy L. wrote:
Cappys in Readville

@mikbernie wrote:
Conrad's in Norwood. Fantastic.

@JimDunna wrote:
The @Seapoint_BG

RMH23 wrote:
Crow Point pizzeria in Hingham.

Shane K. wrote:
Newbridge gets my vote as well

Patrick M wrote:
Would have to be Cronin's in Quincy Point near the Shipyard. Who else has the website!!!

Walker-L wrote:
Newbridge in Chelsea.

Jennifer P. wrote:
Floramos in chelsea all the way

Nancy N. O. wrote:
Hidden gem: Brickyard, Lynn!!!

Bobby D. wrote:
Jimmys arlington teriaki tips

k wrote:
Floramos in chelsea

lisa wrote:

Bobby D. wrote:
Lacascias bakery. Medford and burlington!

Paul J. wrote:
KELLY'S PUB in East Boston and Newbridge Cafe.

Cameron R. wrote:
Silvertone's in Downtown. Conrad's in Norwood.

Lisa M. wrote:
Have to agree - Newbridge is still the best

Brandon wrote:
Floramos in Chelsea. The steak melt in your mouth.

susan wrote:
Stockyard brighton ma
Corrib pub brighton
Bus stop allston

John wrote:
Champions Pub, Peabody

D.J. wrote:
Silvertone is a good one.
Jeveli's in East Boston, too.

lisa wrote:

CZ wrote:
I vote Pearl Street Station hands down.

LM wrote:
They're my top 3!

jmb wrote:
lacasas bakery Medford hands down
News Boston ultra lounge - hell ya the originals
The meat market - Winthrop

rjay wrote:
Conrad's Norwood, Walpole or Sudbury

MSS wrote:
Definitely Galway House in JP.

KJD wrote:
Pearl Street Station, Malden

ka wrote:
floramos no doubt!!!

TC wrote:
Kelleys in east boston
Conrads in norwood

kg wrote:
Floramo's and New Bridge Cafe in Chelsea

rdp wrote:
yes on silvertones and conrads. conrads buy their tips from boston beef in norwood, head there if you want great tips to grill on your own

JM wrote:
Abington Depot has amazing steak tips!

LC wrote:
Conrad's in Norwood!!

kevin c wrote:

Jeff wrote:
Eastside Grill Cambridge

Keila C. S. wrote:

John J. wrote:
Conrad's in Norwood (and Walpole) has great tips.

Jacob W. wrote:
21st Amendment in Beacon Hill

Chantelle M. wrote:

Dave R. wrote:
Salem Food!!!! Dedham mass...

Marco B. wrote:
Olearys on beacon st

Linda C. wrote:
Conrad's Norwood, and now in Sudbury. I am not much of a beef eater, and I like them.

Helen J. wrote:
Casey's in Somerville.

Megan C. wrote:
JJ Foley's South End

Ken H. wrote:
New Bridge, Chelsea

@muscman70 wrote:
New Bridge Cafe on the Chelsea- Everett line has fantastic steak tips

Joseph M. wrote:
Floramo's Restaurant

Michelle R. wrote:
New Bridge, kelley Square Pub, Four66

Philip P. wrote:
Floramos by a mile. Take it from the son of a butcher.

Denise D. wrote:
New bridge

Scott S. wrote:
hands down the Newbridge Cafe

Jason G. wrote:
Floramo's gets my vote

Nicky P. wrote:
New bridge the bestest ever !!!

elaine wrote:
Pearl St in Malden

G.N. wrote:
The Snug in Hingham

lisa a. wrote:
Newbridge Cafe!

Joseph Z. wrote:
Kellys pub

anonymous wrote:

atf wrote:
Floramos no doubt. Thirty years and still on point.

chris k wrote:
Newbridge - Chelsea
Stewarts - Everett

WJ wrote:
East Side Grille Cambridge

tmr wrote:
Newbridge in Chelsea

BK wrote:
Conrads in Norwood, Walpole, or Sudbury

cc wrote:
The teriyaki steak tips from The Fours is easily in the top five...

J wrote:
East Side Grill, Cambridge

Michael C. wrote:
New bridge / Dominic's sausage

Brady B. wrote:
Alfredo's in Southie. Not sure if their other locations are as good or not.

Abigail S. wrote:
L Street Diner in South Boston.

Lisa M. wrote:
Cronin's in Quincy are excellent

Richard B. wrote:
New Bridge in Chelsea, or Tommy Floramo's in Chelsea.

Howard H. wrote:
Hancock Tavern in Quincy

Carrie O. wrote:
Casey's in Somerville

Michael G. wrote:

@CoRobt wrote:
If you come to the South Shore it's The Snug in Hingham Square hands down!

@MAFerragamo wrote:
you know & I know it's Floramo's

@Mabez27 wrote:
@SilvertoneBar has them. No doubt.


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