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Best Sub Shops in the Boston Area?

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What are some of the best sub shops in Boston and the surrounding suburbs? What do you like to order there? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 4/14/14):

Marty wrote:
The Big A in Malden, the best Italian sub on the planet!

Gino wrote:
Tutto Italiano in Readville (Hyde Park)... the minute you walk in, you smell the freshness.... place is simply amazing

MD wrote:
Co-sign on Linden Deli in Wellesley.

kch wrote:
Angelina's in Teele Sq Somerville!!

Barry S wrote:
best Italian "Casa D Italia" in Waltham on Newton street

DB wrote:
Super Sub in Beverly

LF wrote:
Carl's in Waltham!

MS wrote:
Oliva's Market in Milford for Italians on home baked bread. MJ's in Rossie had the best cheese steaks until they closed.

AF wrote:
Amici Trattoria in Chelmsford...I recommend the Amici sub. Trust me!!

RFSB wrote:
The Tasty on Cabot Street in Beverly. High quality meat, fresh bread, nice people, fair prices. And you could eat off the floor.

j mull wrote:
Bob's, Medford ma - unbelievable!

@TheAJKahn wrote:
Monica's Mercato in the North End. Hands down BEST #ItalianSub in #Boston! All imported and dry aged meats. mmmmmm #MonicasMercato.

@alexdurso wrote:
@BobsItalianFood in Medford.

RSB wrote:
Sam Lagrassa's in Downtown Boston!

PD wrote:
Beverly is NOT Boston. Just sayin.

MH wrote:
The question is for the Boston area (Boston and the surrounding suburbs), so Beverly is fine.

AFL wrote:
Rondos- Southie.

@mikbernie wrote:
D and J market and deli on Boston st. In Dorchester. Awesome.

HH wrote:
Wagon Wheel in Lexington!

Sarah M. wrote:
Mighty subs

Angela T. H. wrote:
Pino's pizza.

@mgnicosia wrote:
Big Daddy's in Brighton. Try the buffalo steak & cheese! And the Fenway. @TheSagest

@TheSagest wrote:
And Moogy's in Brighton. Mmmm C3PO, Connect Four, and chive fries... #playmoregames

Cameron R. wrote:
I like Emilio's in South End and Nick's in Southie.;

mike m wrote:
DiBlasis Cold Cut center in Everett

tvincent wrote:
Destino's Gloustah

AP wrote:
Brookline Spa

Sean B. wrote:
Al's state street

eaf wrote:
Tutto Italiano Wellesley

Joe G wrote:
Bob's in Medford.

@Thekid3038187 wrote:
I'm tellin ya... Get the chicken salad (The Chatanooga ) at WhistleStop Gourmet In Lincoln Life changing #HateAllOthers #Best

Dina S wrote:
You can almost not go wrong in Medford. Bob's, Avellino's, Pranzi, Tasty Gourmet.

btrandolph wrote:
al's in harvard sq. it's the bread...

jules wrote:
Dagostinos in Winchester


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