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Where Is the Best Sunday Brunch?

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Where is the best Sunday brunch? I frequent a place already that I enjoy and would like to try others. Any suggestions? I prefer "buffet." [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 5/6/08 by J. D.)


MH wrote:
I'm a big fan of the brunch buffet at Lake Pearl Luciano's in Wrentham. It is a classy old place with a lot of history, and the water views are very nice. The food is mostly excellent at the buffet, and the prices, while not cheap, aren't all that bad, either, considering what you get for it.
(Posted on 5/29/08)

Claire T wrote:
After laughing about the Mt. Vernon Restaurant for years (just based on its jingle, not ever having dined there!), some friends and I finally decided to have brunch there. Oh WOW - do we ever owe them an apology!!! At $11 per person, the MVR brunch is the best deal in town! Not only is it inexpensive, but there is a HUGE variety of foods, all darned good. After we excise our feet from our mouths, we'll be trying out the twin lobster special....
(Posted on 6/6/08)

JP Faiella wrote:
The Beehive's Patio at the BEEch!!!! Awesome!
(Posted on 6/11/08)

amh wrote:
At the Otherside at Newbury and Mass Ave., if you can get a seat on the porch overlooking the Pike...
(Posted on 4/29/09)

ITM wrote:
Aquataine or Stella.
(Posted on 7/13/09)

Pete (crazy) wrote:
Henrietta's table get our vote. Cheese + pate + oysters + happiness!
Ain't cheap though...
(Posted on 9/20/09)

oovoo wrote:
Finz in Dedham.
(Posted on 9/20/09)


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