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Best Turkey Dinner in New England?

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What New England restaurant do you think is the best place for a turkey dinner? What makes it better than some of the turkey dinners you've had at other restaurants? Do they serve it mostly with white meat or a mix of white and dark meat? (Or do they give you a choice?) [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 6/10/09 by hiddenboston)


ND wrote:
Murray's Deli in Braintree Square has a really great Turkey dinner.
(Posted on 9/10/09)

KM wrote:
Newcomb Farms in Milton. Great turkey dinner.
(Posted on 11/3/09)

DD wrote:
The PALM is doing an awesome turket deal for $35.
(Posted on 11/24/09)

MP wrote:
Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton, though they don't have it on the standard menu anymore. They are serving it for Thanksgiving.
(Posted on 11/24/09)

pinktulips17 wrote:
Wayside Inn, Sudbury MA.
(Posted on 5/4/10)

Alex wrote:
Just discovered Gerard Farm in Marshfield. Soooo good. And they have a variety of turkey items.
(Posted on 5/4/10)

Kristina wrote:
Newbury Street + people watching + turkey = what a way to spend Thanksgiving!
(Posted on 10/7/10)


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