Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Classic India (CLOSED, DECEMBER 2006)

1585 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169
--- Winner, Best Indian Restaurant in Boston Area, 2005 ---

Photo of Classic India, Quincy, MA Quincy Center's outstanding Classic India is, literally, a hidden gem. Tucked away in the back of a sterile building that looks a bit like a high school gym, this South Asian dining spot is in a truly weird location. For those who find it, though, Classic India is perhaps the best of a great crop of Indian restaurants in the Boston area. The soothing atmosphere of Classic India is in stark contrast to the soulless building in which it resides. Dimly lit and intimate, the restaurant's large room is indeed a pleasing place to dine on a Friday or Saturday evening. And don't worry about getting a table; the fact that no one seems to know about Classic India almost guarantees a table any night of the week.

Classic India has a menu that is typical of most Indian restaurants, but the food is one step above most of its competitors. The naan (bread baked in a Tandoor oven) is so good that it is almost a meal in itself, and the main dishes are filling and satisfying. The dosa (a kind of crepe stuffed with potatoes, meat, etc.) is highly recommended, as is the chicken vindaloo. And don't forget the basmati rice; it is a particularly delicious kind of rice.

The next time you are in Quincy, take a stroll into this odd building that houses an Indian restaurant that is one of Boston's great finds. The building may be generic, but Classic India is anything but.