Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Islington Pizza

315 Washington Street, Westwood, MA 02090
(781) 326-8970 Find location!

Photo of Islington Pizza, Westwood, MA Islington Pizza, to put it simply, is your classic hidden gem. In fact it is much like the village of Islington itself, which is in some ways your classic hidden gem as well. Now where, you might ask, is Islington? Well, it is almost a stone's throw away from Route 128 (that is, if you had a really strong arm), near the Route 1 intersection around where the towns of Dedham, Norwood, and Westwood meet. Islington is, in fact, a part of Westwood, and is a very pleasant community. And Islington Pizza certainly happens to make it a bit more pleasant.

Don't be put off by the storefront of Islington Pizza when you first see it. You have probably seen its type at least a thousand times--a relatively drab brick building, large windows, bright lights inside, and so on. Yes, it indeed looks like nearly any other pizza place or sub shop in the Boston area. However, much like the wonderful New London Pizza in Concord, the pizza here is really quite good--if you like Greek pizza, you will probably not be disappointed. And like New London, the pizza at this little restaurant has an extra spark to it that goes beyond the standard Greek pizza that every city and town in the area seems to have. The sauce is sweet, the cheese is rich-tasting, and the crust has just the right amount of crunch to it.

If you live on the South Shore of Boston, you probably know that you have a wide variety of excellent pizza places. Islington Pizza is not quite at the level of the best of them, but it is pretty darn good. Even though you probably haven't heard of this place, don't pass it by. Locals know how good it is; hopefully you will, too.